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Secrets for government job aspirants

Myjyotish Expert Updated 01 Dec 2020 12:34 PM IST
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Almost everyone wants a government job for the amazing benefits it provides like a regular source of income which ultimately means a secure future, health benefits and so much more. But because of the cut-throat competition many fail to get their dream job even after many attempts. This makes people disappointed and depressed. If you are putting all your efforts and still gets rejected but the person who does not make much efforts gets selected, then may be the problem is in your horoscope. Now what if I say there are some methods which can help you get your dream job and vanishes the problems in your horoscope. No you don`t have to kill your competitors for that ;)
You just have to follow some Astrological methods, but before that let’s first understand a little about what the problem actually is? According to Astrology Planets have the most important role in your life and career. So if your luck is not supporting you, then your planets are not well placed.

The Planets associated with Government Jobs
Planets like Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are the most important which plays an important role in Horoscope for Government jobs. Sun and Moon are the royal planets which go hand in hand and these need to be strong in your horoscope for better luck. But things will only fall in place when you have blessings of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter in which Mars is important for Military and Police services whereas Jupiter is important for teaching professions like professor, teacher etc. Strong placement of these planets increases the chances of getting a government job.
Now some of the Astrological remedies which can help placing these planets correctly and get you your dream job are mentioned below :
  1. Worshiping is IMPORTANT
We are always taught to worship everyday in the morning by bowing our head in front of God. I personally do it everyday. I have listed some important practices which you should follow along with your daily routine of Pooja:
  • As you  know strong Saturn in the horoscope favours government job, Now what can you do to make your Saturn strong? Worship Lord Hanuman regularly because he is the only one who can help you in solving all Saturn related issues. Also take Tilak from Hanuman Ji’s right thumb and put it on your forehead with right hand.
  • Every Saturday have a fast, go to Shani temple and recite ‘‘Dashranthkrit Shani Strotam’’. There help the needy people and serve them or you can also give money for food to physically challenged persons. This will definitely work for you.
  • Pour water on a Shivlinga and offer food to cows every Monday. We all know Lord Shiva’s heart melts very quickly. Seeing your efforts he will definitely bless you with whatever government job you wish for.
  • Offering prayers to Lord Ganesha everyday will definitely improve your luck.
Worshiping a Peepal tree everyday except Sunday will remove all the negative effects of your star.
2. GemstonesAre you a fan of Gemstones like me? then this is for you
  • Wear blue sapphire gemstone in the middle ring or you can also wear Lapis lazuli of 8/13 carat silver ring in the middle finger of the right hand. It plays an important role in achieving gaols.
  • You can wear them after consulting a competent astrologer.
3. Curd and Sugar
  • Before leaving for an Interview or for any selection process eat curd and sugar. It will help you maintain focus.
  • My mom used to feed me curd and sugar everytime before my exam and it has always turned out to be very lucky for me 

Something specially for Females
 Buy a clay cup from market and put half a glass raw milk and white rice grains and offer this to Sun early morning while reciting the Mantra ‘‘OM BHASKRAY NAMHA”. Do this everyday starting from Sunday for 40 days. Remember number of rice grains you put in the cup should be equal to the number of your age. This will definitely make your Saturn strong.
Life saviour
Something should be for the deciding day too, isn’t it??
You just have to take 2 cloves and when you are leaving for the examination place one clove outside your main entrance and come out stamping on it. But remember you should not go back to your house until you are done with the exam. Now while coming out of the examination hall after giving your exam throw the second clove in the direction of your house and this time also you should not go back to the exam hall route.
While doing this remedy you should strictly keep few things in mind
  • Do this only on your deciding day i.e. only on the day of your exam.
  • You should do this without letting anyone know about it, otherwise it won’t work.
  • You should do this only one day.
So far we have discussed some of the remedies and importance of various planets like Sun, Moon etc. in government job. But these are not only for government job, they indicate other professions as well.
So these were few secrets of Astrology which you should follow along with hardwork and your Dream Job will be a reality.
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