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Secrets of Beautiful Ancient Tirupati Bajali Temple Updated 14 Jul 2021 04:30 PM IST
Secret of Tirupati Balaji
Secret of Tirupati Balaji - Photo : Google
 Secret of Tirupati Balaji
Tirupati Balaji Temple is one of the famous temples of India located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The idol of Lord Venkateshwara Swami ji is seated in this temple, which is also considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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Secrets of Tirupati Balaji!
Here we will talk about 7 such secrets of Tirupati Balaji that you will be amazed to know. Even scientists do not have the answer to all the mystery here.

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1:- The hair on the idol is real!
The hair on the idol of Lord Venkateshwara Swami never gets tangled, he is always soft, why this happens, scientists do not even have the answer.
2:- For thousands of years without oil has been burnt!
A lamp burns in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, you will be surprised to know that this lamp has been burning like this for thousands of years, that too without oil. This thing is quite surprising, why is it so that no one has the answer to date.

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3:- The idol of the temple sweats!
The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is kept cool, but still, the temperature of the idol remains 110 Fahrenheit, which is quite a mystery and the more mysterious thing is that the Lord idol also sweats which the priests keep wiping from time to time.
4:- The sound of ocean waves from the idol of God!
Near the ears of the idol of Lord Venkateshwara, if listened carefully, the sound of ocean waves comes. This is also quite a strange thing.
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5:- Is the idol in the middle or on the right side?
When you place the idol in the sanctum
If you look from outside, you will see the idol on the right side and when you see the idol from inside the sanctum, you will see the idol in the middle.
6:- Flowers come from a particular village.
There is a village about 23 km away from Tirupati Balaji temple. Flowers, fruits, ghee, etc. go to the temple from this village. The entry of outsiders is banned in this village and the people of this village use a very old lifestyle.
7:- Parchai Kapoor is also ineffective
Parchai camphor is a special type of camphor, which when applied on the stone cracks the stone after some time, but this camphor is applied on the idol of God and there is no effect on this idol.

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