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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Seeing these 15 dreams will get you in trouble: Read to know more

Seeing these 15 dreams will get you in trouble: Read to know more

My Jyotish Expert Updated 27 Sep 2021 09:30 AM IST
Dreams and their meanings
Dreams and their meanings - Photo : Google
Dreams are a part of our life. Even though dreams have nothing to do with the world of reality, they still affect our lives in some way or the other. One form of astrology is dream science. Under this, dreams and their fruits have been told in detail.

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Today we are telling you about some such dreams, on seeing which we have to face problems in the near future.
These are those dreams --

Pitra dosh- Know the reason and indication of its occurrence

1. If a person himself mixes soil with grains in his dream or sees someone else mixing it, then the life to come is full of calamities
2. If a person sees the shadow of clouds of different weather and rain with thunderstorms in his dream, he has to face many troubles in life.
3. A person who sees himself running in a dream with a potter or a teller has to face many troubles in life.
4. If a person sleeps on a thorny or thorny tree in a dream, then he suffers many calamities in life.
5. A person sees himself touching a tailor, khatri, blacksmith, fisherman or tribal or born handicapped person in a dream, he gets many troubles in life.
6. If a person sees a flower blooming in a dream or eats them, then he dies due to disease.
7. If a person sees the shadow of Kaner, Shisham, Khair and Bair trees in his dream, then he gets success in his work in life.

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8. A young person who sees himself as a child or an old man in a dream, then the destruction of happiness and misfortunes comes in his life.
9. If a person sees the earth suddenly submerged in a dream, then he suffers loss of wealth, honor and health.
10. If a person sees in a dream that his wife is being kidnapped, then there is a quarrel between the women of the family.
11. If a doctor, a gambler, a dancer or a madman is drawn towards him in a dream, then he too has to suffer many troubles in life.
12. If a person sees glasses fall off or his nose and ears in a dream, then his wealth gets destroyed.
13. If a koi, parrot, owl, chiroti are seen in the dream, then it gives information about loss of money.
14. The person who sees water rooster, black koan, and crispy in a dream, then his wealth gets destroyed.
15. If a person eats, sells or buys cooked meat in a dream, that person's wealth gets destroyed.

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