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Do these measures on Ahoi Ashtami to seek blessings of Lakshmi

My Jyotish Expert Updated 28 Oct 2021 07:33 PM IST
ahoi ashtami
ahoi ashtami - Photo : Google
Women of Capricorn should enjoy pudding to Ahoi Mata. This will bring your child all worldly pleasures
Aries: On the day of Ahoi Ashtami, women should offer vermilion on the picture of Ahoi Mata. This increases the pleasures of their offspring

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Taurus: For the happiness in the life of the child, women should offer white sandalwood to Lord Shiva
Gemini: Women of this zodiac should present the material Dakshina to Ahoi Mata. If you want, you can also plant a plant in the house
Cancer: Women of this zodiac must indulge Ahoi Mata in fruits. This will always improve the health of the child
 Singh: On the day of Ahoi Ashtami, women of Singh Zodiac chant Mahamantanjaya mantra 108 times. This will not only improve the health of your child but he will never have fear in his life
Virgo: Women of Virgo should offer white flowers to Ahoi mother. This will benefit your child with money
Libra: Women of this zodiac should offer makeup to Mata Ahoi on the day of Ahoi Ashtami. This will help your child in the field
Scorpio: Women of this zodiac should tell the story of Ahoi Mata to everyone, this will always lead your child to the path of religion.

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Dhanu: On the day of Ahoi Ashtami, the women of Dhanu Zodiac meditate and chant the almanacari mantra of Lord Shiva. This will not hinder the way of child success
Capricorn: Women of this zodiac should indulge in pudding to Ahoi Mata. This will bring your child all worldly pleasures.
Aquarius: During the worship of Ahoi Mata, women of this zodiac should offer them laziness and also exert themselves. This will win your child over his enemies
Pisces: Women of this zodiac should offer vermilion to Ahoi Mata. This will bring great happiness to the child in future
Just as Karva Chauth is fasted for the long life of the husband. In the same way, mothers fast for Ahoi Ashtami for the happiness and prosperity and long life of their children. Every year the festival of Ahoi Ashtami was celebrated on the Ashtami date of Krishna side of Karthik Mas is. According to astrology, the Ahoi form of Mata Pavarti is worshiped on the day of Ahoi Ashtami. On this day, free women also fast for child attainment. This festival of Ahoi Ashtami will be celebrated on 28 October this year. Guru-Pushya Nakshatra also on the day of Ahoi Ashtami looks like. According to the Jyotishacharyas, if mothers take these measures in this auspicious yoga, then always happiness in their child's life, Peace, There will be prosperity and wealth
Ahoi Ashtami's fast Karva Chauth Ahoi is worshiped. This fast is done for child happiness and child attainment. Doing this fast ends all the child related problems. On this day, not the moon but the stars are worshiped in the shade is. But if you take some measures on this day according to the amount then you will soon get a good and worthy child

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Ahoi Ashtami is performed on the day of the Ashtami of Karthik Krishna side. This fast is very important for the daughter-in-law women. Mothers fast throughout the day in Ahoi Ashtami's vow and Hoi is worshiped at the time the cyankal stars appear. Get the wires done Arghya is also given from. It is made on the wall by Hoi Geru etc. He is hung on the wall at the time of worship by wearing a thick cloth
A pupil of eight brackets is mostly made in Hoi's illustration. Near him are made the figures of Sahi and his children. Just four days after Karva Chauth, the Ashtami date is fasted by the goddess Ahoi Mata. This fast is the long age of the son And the daughter-in-law women wish for a happy life. This fast is kept on the Krishna side on the Ashtami date of Krishik Maas, hence it is also known as Ahoi Ashtami
In various Anchalas in North India, the form of Ahoyamata is made according to the local tradition there. The women of the rich house become silver hoi. Kalash is established by leaping from the dung on the ground. By worshiping Ahoyamata, they are offered milk and rice. After that a bridge But the narrative is heard by placing a lota full of water. 

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