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Shani Dev Worship: These signs show that Shani Dev is angry with you, know such important things

My Jyotish Expert Updated 06 Jul 2022 11:10 PM IST
These three zodiac will be free from shani dhaaiya
These three zodiac will be free from shani dhaaiya - Photo : google
Shani Dev is said to be the giver of the fruits of karma. Everyone is punished according to his own karma. Everyone has to face Shani Dev, whether he is a god or a deity. Shani Dev is called Navagraha Judge. It is believed that when Shani Dev's fault is going on, then humans have to go through many types of mental troubles. It is said that Shani's half-century or Daiya always comes into anyone's life. Shani Dev man does not see big and small. According to everyone's zodiac, Shani Dev comes with half-sati or Daiya. Shani Dev is considered to be the son of Mother Chhaya and Sun God. Shani Dev is mentioned in the scriptures as the planet Shani. Shani Dev gives fruit to anyone according to his karma. Whether that person's karma is small or big, it gives everyone. Worshipping Shani Dev leads to happiness, peace and prosperity in life. Removes the sorrows of life. It is said that in whose horoscope the deity is Shani Dev, then he makes that person a king. To get the blessings of Shani Dev, a person does all the worship, big and small. Let us know due to which mistakes Shani Dev gets angry with us:-

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Breakdown of work on Saturday
 Every day in Hinduism is dedicated to one or the other deity. The day of Shani Dev is Saturday. On this day we try to do any good work and if there is any obstacle in that work, then it should be understood that Shani Dev is angry with you. (It happens every time, not once) The anger of Shani Dev invites many troubles in life. We do not know what is happening to us, all the work goes on deteriorating. To correct the condition of Shani Dev, wake up in the morning on Saturday, take a bath and wear clean clothes. Then light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree. Try to please Shani Dev by worshipping him properly.

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 lie on talk
We lie many times in life. Lying creates many difficult situations in life. Still, a person does not hold back from lying. Your habit of lying tells us that Shani Dev is angry with you. Lying is a bad habit, yet humans are adopting this habit. Shani Dev is called the god of justice, so he does not like liars at all. Many times it happens that if we have to lie for some good, then Shani Dev will not be angry with us. But to lie again and again for wrong, shows that Shani Dev is angry with you somewhere. In this situation, to please Shani Dev, on Saturday, light a mustard oil lamp under a Peepal tree, and offer art sesame and art clothes.
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