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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Shani Jayanti Special: Never donate or take these 5 things related to Shani for free.

Shani Jayanti Special: Never donate or take these 5 things related to Shani for free.

MY JYOTISH EXPERT Updated 07 Jun 2021 11:42 AM IST
THINGS RELATED TO SHANI DEV - Photo : My Jyotish Expert

Sometimes we unknowingly make such mistakes which have a deep impact on our life. Or someone gives us such things in donation, due to which we may have to face many problems later in life. It is believed that if some such things are taken without giving money, then not only have to face money-related problems but also have to struggle for happiness and peace. Taking these things without paying money is considered inauspicious. Let us know about these things…


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Taking donations of oil has to face many problems in life. It should never be taken from anyone for free or in charity. According to the scriptures, doing this can lead to many types of problems. Therefore, keep in mind that always buy oil with money to take it home, never take oil from anyone. The inauspicious condition of Saturn(Shani) is also faced by taking oil in the form of donation. Mustard oil vegetables should be eaten to strengthen the position of Saturn in the horoscope.

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It is believed that taking the donation of iron means that you have taken the donation of Shani, that is, the person from whom you have taken iron, whatever will be the adverse effect of Shani on that person, will come on you. Iron is believed to be related to Shani Dev. Therefore it should not be taken for free or in charity. It should also be kept in mind that iron should not be taken on Saturday, by doing this Shani Dev gets angry. 

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Salt has special importance in life and it is related to Saturn. It is considered inauspicious to take it from anyone for free or in charity. Taking salt without money leads to disease and debt entering the house and an enraged Saturn can make your life tasteless.

According to the scriptures, the needle should not be brought into the house without giving money, nor should it ever be taken from anyone as a donation. Taking without money can lead to many types of crises. It is believed that the needle behaves as it is, it starts working in the same way, it creates an atmosphere of discord among the members of the house and ends the love feeling.

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It is believed that mole is related to Saturn as well as Rahu-Ketu. Taking sesame without giving money is also considered inauspicious. To reduce the ill effects of Rahu-Ketu and Saturn, one should donate sesame seeds but don't accept them in donations. By taking donations of sesame seeds, there comes a hindrance in the works and one has to face failure in the necessary works.

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