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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Shiv Pavitro pana vrat, read on to know the importance and method of worship

Shiv Pavitro pana vrat, read on to know the importance and method of worship

My jyotish expert Updated 24 Aug 2021 08:25 PM IST
Shiv pavitro pana vrat
Shiv pavitro pana vrat - Photo : google

Shiva Pavitaro Pana Vrat is observed on Sawan Shukla Chaturdashi. It is a major rite of Sanatan Dharma in which a sacred thread is tied to the deity or

is dedicated. Here the sacred is specially used for 'Yagnopaveet'. By the way, this sacred thread is in the form of a yarn or a jaimala.

In can also be used for god-statues.

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Pandavas built this unique temple during their exile: It has been described in detail in many scriptures. The consecration of different deities is done on different dates. for kuber Pratham, Dwitiya for Tridev, Tritiya for Durgaji, Chaturthi for Ganesha, Panchami for Moon God, Shashthi for Kartikeya, Saptami for SuryaThe date is set. Dwadashi Tithi, Trayodashi, Chaturdashi and Purnima Tithi are fixed for Vishnuji, Kamdev, Shivaji and Brahmaji respectively. Jyotishacharya Pandit Narendra Nagar explains that sanctification can also be done with threads of gold, silver, brass or silk. lotus, kush or cotton can be made holy and dedicated. In the olden times, the work of weaving the sacred threads was prescribed by unmarried girls only. There should be at least 8 knots in the sacred thread, although 100 knots are considered good.

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The consecration of Shiva can be done daily with flowers, leaves or kushas, but the fixed date of annual consecration is fixed. sanctification extremely

There is a special process. The special thing is that through this, all the faults committed knowingly or unknowingly in all types of worship get purged.

By doing this every year, the desired result of Shiva worship is obtained.

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