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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Shopping during Shradh Paksha- Will it make the ancestors unhappy? Know the details

Shopping during Shradh Paksha- Will it make the ancestors unhappy? Know the details

My jyotish expert Updated 01 Oct 2021 07:09 PM IST
Pitru paksh
Pitru paksh - Photo : Google
Apart from Shradh of Ashtami Tithi on 29th September, there's also a practice of keeping Mahalakshmi fast. Mothers keep it for the longevity of the child . Saptami Tithi will endways Tuesday 28th at 6.17 pm and Ashtami will start. the whole day of Wednesday 29th, Ashtami will remain till 8:30 and Shri Mahalakshmi fast are often kept. it is also called Jivitputrika Vrat. Gold, vehicles, home related and luxury items are often bought albeit it's Pitru Paksha on today .
Auspicious work is considered taboo during Shradh Paksha, but within the meantime there are many such Muhurtas once you'll make plenty of purchases.

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In Pitru Paksha, people remember their ancestors also to thank them and pay homage to them. According to religious scholars and students , lately are only for the ancestors and now your focus should be only on their worship and remembering them. On the other hand, if you buy or believe buying new clothes, house or the opposite thing during now , then your attention are getting to be diverted from your ancestors which they're going to get angry with you.
It is believed that during this point our ancestors come to travel to us on earth and provide us their blessings. But there are also many kinds of beliefs among people regarding Pitru Paksha. Like lately are considered inauspicious and no auspicious work should be done at now , one shouldn't buy anything new, one should follow celibacy, one shouldn't eat meat, fish etc. it's believed that in lately one shouldn't buy new things like house, clothes, gold etc.
It is also believed that every one the items purchased in Shradh are dedicated to the ancestors, which isn't appropriate to use as they contain a neighborhood of souls. People also believe that if any new thing is bought now , then our ancestors are getting to be sad while they're getting to be angry. This is often also because Pitru Paksha isn't a celebration, but a way of expressing grief.
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