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Significance of Kundali Milan before marriage

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 May 2021 09:46 AM IST
Kundali Milan
Kundali Milan - Photo : Google
Many rituals are performed in Indian weddings, among them Kundali Milan is one which has been going on for centuries. Whether it is arranged marriage or love marriage, Kundali  Milan is considered to be an essential ritual in Indian weddings. When the Kundali is matched, the rest of the wedding ceremony is carried on. 

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While matching the Kundali before marriage, you must have heard people say that "Marriage is not a game of two dolls". Marriage happens only once in the life of a human being, so people want that the life partner who comes into their life should be fully virtuous.Marriage is a relationship between two people that connects them with each other for the next 7 births. Whether it is arranged or love marriage, there are always some rituals that are completed before marriage. The most important among them are matching Kundali. According to our elders and some experienced people, before marriage, matching kundali is very important to ensure happy married life. But, what if the Kundali does not match? Should one get married? Let's know:

What is Kundali Milan:
In the old times, sages used their knowledge to make many rules for society. One of these rules was also made of matching kundali, which is very important in marriage. According to the texts, Kundali Milan has been described as a way of a happy married life. It is a way to know the bridegroom’s compatibility and their happy and prosperous future.

Some people believe that the search for a good life partner is not complete without Kundali Milan. With Kundali Milan, you can get information about the stability and long life of the relationship. Similarly, the Kundali Milan process can help to find out if the girl or boy is Manglik and if one of them is, it helps to explain how one person being Manglik will affect the other.

Meaning of matching qualities:
The first thing in Kundali Milan is matching qualities. Eight types of qualities and Ashtakut are matched in any person's Kundali. Matching qualities is very important in marriage. These qualities are - varna, vasya, tara, yoni, griha maitri, gana, bhakuta and nadi. There is a total of 36 digits after matching them all. At the time of marriage, if 18 qualities out of 36 are found in the Kundali of both bride and groom, then it is believed that the marriage will be successful. These 18 qualities are related to health, faults, Nature, mental state, child, etc. 

How to do Kundali Milan?
You can get the Kundali matched with the help of an astrologer before marriage. For this, you should know the groom's name, his date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. At the time of marriage, after reading the Kundali of both of them, it is ascertained how their future life will be.

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What if the Kundali does not match?
Sometimes it happens at the time of marriage that the Kundali does not match and most people do not follow the Kundali. Many people believe that if any rift will take place in the future, then they themselves are able to solve it. Yet we cannot ignore the increasing number of cases of divorces in India. But if there is any defect in the Kundali, then it is very important to know what problems you may have to face.
  • Loss in business and money.
  • There may be problems in the physical relationship.
  • Constant fighting and debate in marital life.
  • The child is not well-off, even if both are healthy.
  • Both of them may face problems in their career progress.
Should the marriage be done even if the Kundali does not match?
Just as the treatment of every disease is possible, in the same way in Astrology, there is a solution to every problem. However, in cases where the qualities do not match, with the help of a good astrologer, both Kundalis should be matched correctly. If any defects appear in the Kundali, then the person concerned should worship for these defects before marriage. Due to which these faults can neutralize the harmful effects of the planets. Which in turn help to lead a good married life. This type of worship should be performed only by an expert and skilled astrologer.

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