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Easy and effective remedies for Kitchen

Myjyotish Expert Updated 05 Apr 2021 01:30 PM IST
Kitchen remedies
Kitchen remedies - Photo : Myjyotish
Simple solutions in the kitchen:-

Cardamom:-  is considered a symbol of fragrance, representing the goddess Lakshmi. Tie 7 green cardamom and small steps of copper in small green cloth and hang it on your kitchen somewhere, which will increase the income, must chant ॐ Mahalakshmai Namah Mantra 21 times while hanging.

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2 cloves: - In Durgasaptashti, clove is considered as the weapon of Goddess Durga. It can be used in many ways. If a person is bothering you whether it is a mother-in-law, a father-in-law or any other person, then you can use itowards you.

3 Rai: - It is related to Shani Dev. It also has many uses which are as follows. If a person is stuck in debt and is unable to repay his loan, then for that person black on midnight on Amavasya Tith and go to the roof of his house at least 21 times , chanting Shri Sri Hrish Mahalakshmai Namah Mantra and throw that rye in ten directions. The ten directions are as follows: - East, North, North, Vyavya, West, South, South, Fire, Sky and Earth etc. Thus, by taking such measures, you get the fruit as soon as possible.
If the marriage is delayed or not happening due to Saturn, or if the talk continues to be made, then the parents of the person, on Saturday, at sunset, 250 grams of mustard, in a small black cloth Tie it, keep it in the root of the Peepal tree and do such work regularly on three Saturdays, without doing Naga.
Similarly, if your child has an eye defect, then mix a little mustard with salt, burn it upside down seven times from the head of your child. Would benefit.

4 whole urad: - Between 12 and 2 in the afternoon, add 38 grains of whole urad and 40 grains of whole rice and press into the ground and squeeze the lemon there after pressing. Keep squeezing the name of your enemy while squeezing the lemon. When squeezing lemon to win, take the name of the other side. Similarly, for the peace of Shani Dev, boil the whole Urad in the evening on Friday and ascend it to Peepal on Saturday morning. If anyone has noticed, then take the person who has eyes with 18 grains of whole urad, throw it 7 times upside down and throw it at the intersection or on the people. While chanting, he kept chanting the swaha.

5 whole coriander: - It has been considered a symbol of  prosperity. It is used on the day of Holi, Deepawali, Akshaya Tritiya, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada i.e. the first Navratri etc. to increase trade in the shops. Merchants who do not sell in the shop or customers come to the store. If the sale is not done or the customer comes to the shop and returns empty, then put those people in a little red cloth with a little coriander, a rupee coin, a little bit of gum and a little whole rice in their shop's neck or vault. Should be While doing this, one should chant the 7 Kuberai Namah Mantra 21 times.

6 Whole Pepper: - If all the members in your house are sick or the disease is not taking the name of leaving the house, or there is grief in the house or someone has done a system at your house, then on Saturday for the remedy of all these Take a total of 7 black peppercorns between 12 and 2 in the afternoon, take one of these 7 black peppers in your hand and chant ॐBatuk Bhairavai Namah Mantra 21 times. Thus, invite seven black peppers one by one, after that throw 4 black peppers in the four corners of the house, 1 in the middle of the house, 1 on the roof of the house and the seventh pepper outside the house. If the problem is serious, it can be repeated till 7 Saturdays.

7 Asafoetida: - If you have a financial problem or if there is a problem in the house, then on Saturday you dissolve asafoetida in water, then put molli thread in this asafoetida water, and let it sit in this water for half an hour, after that this thread Remove from water and dry it in the sun. After drying, make a light of the thread of that molly, put it in sesame oil in the evening and light the lamp and the lamp should be lighted inside the main gate of your house. Do this remedy by 7 Saturdays. All the above problems will be diagnosed with this remedy.

8 Jaggery: According to the horoscope, if Saturn is half-past seven or Saturn’s condition should be mixed with black sesame seeds and good milk and offered on peepal Similarly, if someone’s foot has come to the crossroads, then he should put a good nugget upside down 7 times and put it on the square or on the people. This eliminates the discomfort caused by footing at the intersection. If your land is not being sold even after a lot of effort, then you should press it in your plot by stuffing it in a copper lutia. Will benefit soon.

9 Honey: - If there is an obstacle in married life, then offering honey on Shivling is beneficial. Similarly, by adding honey in milk and offering it to Shivling, the economic problem is overcome. If according to the birth chart of a native, Mars is in a bad state, then filling honey in a glass vial between 12 to 2 pm on Saturday day, pressing Mars from a desolate place, brings peace to Mars.

10. Nutmeg: - It is considered a symbol of Shiva. Take nutmeg in your hand by chanting 3 garlands ॐ Namah Shivaya ॐ Mantra and offer it to Shivalinga, this experiment is to be done till 3 Monday. By doing this, the chances of getting cured of any chronic disease are increased. If a sick person cannot do this experiment on his own then a relative can also do it.
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