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Facing troubles in life due to Pitra Dosh? Follow these simple remedies

My Jyotish Expert Updated 14 Sep 2021 09:45 AM IST
Pitra Dosha
Pitra Dosha - Photo : Google
Pitru Dosha is considered the biggest and most dangerous dosha in astrology. When Pitru dosha occurs, tremendous troubles begin to occur in a person's life. There are huge ups and downs in life. One who has this dosha in his horoscope has to face many kinds of mental stress and does not get success in any work. Pitru dosha also hinders the progress of a person and tension begins in married life. At times, due to Pitru dosh, there is also tension between husband and wife. But no problem is not resolved. In astrology, there are some remedies for Pitru Dosha. Let's know what these remedies are…

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South direction measure
If the troubles mentioned above are also coming into your life, then show your horoscope to a good astrologist, and then if he tells you pitru dosha in your horoscope then you can try this remedy. Put a picture of your ancestors on the south side wall of your house and leave it daily by offering garlands and taking their blessings before leaving the house. Gradually fathers grace of you being on here and blame too far away to be taken.
Brahmin banquet
If you wish, on the date of the demise of your ancestors, get food to the needy and Brahmins by giving them Dakshina as per the capacity. In food, you should serve the things you like your ancestors by making them yourself with your hand and feed them respectfully. If you wish, you can also donate clothes and food to the poor according to your ability.
Peepal tree remedy
This remedy is such that you do not need to go somewhere far. The only thing to do is to water the peepal tree around the house in the afternoon. Also offer floral, intact, milk, Gangajal, and black sesame seeds. Apologize to the ancestors for their mistakes with folded hands and ask them for blessings.

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Take this remedy in the evening
It is believed that in the evening at dusk, the fathers turn to the earth to see their loved ones. Therefore, during the evening, one should light the lamp and recite the races and Nag sources, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and Rudra Sukta or pitar sources and Navagraha sources. With this, the grace of the fathers is on you and the defects are removed.
Remedy of Lord Shiva
Remedies associated with Lord Shiva are considered very effective in removing pitta dosha. On Monday morning, take a bath and worship Shivji with 21 flowers, curd, in the Shiva temple. It is believed that by 21 Monday, this puja starts to end Pitra Dosha and brings happiness again in your life. Worshipping your totem and favored deity every day also removes Pitru dosha.
Marriage of a poor girl
When you have Pitru dosha, even in the marriage of a poor girl, you attain special virtue by helping you. In addition, the Pitru dosha is removed by getting treatment for poor and sick people. By taking this remedy, you have a great benefit.
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Donation of cow
If a person who has a father dosha in his horoscope donates a cow, it is very beneficial. If you wish, the summer season has come, then you can arrange for passers-by by placing pitchers of water in place. By doing this one gets rid of Pitru dosha.
Plant peepal and banyan trees
If you want to remove the pitru dosha, apply peepal and banyan trees. Chant the mantra of Lord Vishnu. Even by reciting the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, the Pitru remains calm and the dosha slowly begins to subside.
Chant these mantras
Om Sarva Pitru devatabhyo Nam:
Om Pratham Pitru Narayana Nam: ।

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