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Solar Eclipse June 2021: Sutak kaal, Visibility, Significance & Shani Jayanti

My Jyotish Expert Updated 08 Jun 2021 05:14 PM IST
Solar Eclipse 2021
Solar Eclipse 2021 - Photo : Google
Know the effect and the importance of the first solar eclipse which is occurring on 10th of June.
10th june 2021 (Thursday ) the first solar eclipse of this year is going to happen this eclipse will start from 1:42pm and will end at 6:41 pm. This eclipse will say for 5 hours max and it will be visible in india too. It is also a very important day as shani jayanti is on the same day. According to hindu astrology when the sun is fully covered by the moon and form a ring it is called a solar eclipse (ring of fire solar eclipse)

Solar Eclipse June 2021 and Other Details -

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Where will solar eclipse will be visible ?
This solar eclipse will be only visible in certain places in India like arunachal Pradesh and ladakh. Outside of india it will be visible in north east amarica, eruope, asia and northern part of atlantic ocean. But full solar eclipse will be visible to countries like Greenland, Canada and Russia. 

In Indian astrology, eclipses have a very important role and important/ religious works are done during eclipse. During this year, there will be 4 eclipse in total two lunar and two solar eclipses. This solar eclipse on June 10 which is also the first solar eclipse of the year will only be visible from some parts of India. This solar eclipse will be visible in a ring form.

Shani Jayanti
Shani Jayanti is also occurring on the same date as the solar eclipse which is 10th of June, which is also the first solar eclipse of this year will also increase the significance of this day. Although this eclipse will partial be seen in India but it will still effect the zodiac signs and because shani jayanti sis on the same day is will increase the effects of solar eclipse to its limits and for Taurus it is not a good sign as the moon is transiting over Taurus which can cause health related problem for Taurus and to avoid this Taurus should avoid doing wasteful expense.

To reduce the effect of this eclipse it is consider good to donate to poor during solar eclipse and one should also chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra on this day to reduce the effects of solar eclipse and in the morning one should also offer water to the sun with some Gangajal in it is help in spreading positive energy in the house.  

Sutak kaal (period)
According to hindu astrology , the sutak kaal for the solar eclipse indian time is starting from 1:42 pm till 6:41 pm. During this period no eating or making food is done , temples door are closed for this period and no auspicious work is done in this period.This solar eclipse will be a partial solar eclipse in india, therefore the suktak period will not be applied to Indians. It will only be applied to the peeson living in countries like south America, Antarctica, pacific ocean, south Africa and Iceland because solar eclipse will be more visible there.

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