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The Spiritual Significance of items related to Lord Krishna

My Jyotish Expert Updated 28 Aug 2021 09:28 AM IST
Janmashtami - Photo : Google
Krishna is the only god endowed with 64 arts. Considered a treasure trove of virtue, Kanha, be it a peacock feather with a beautiful crown on its head or a charming murli, everything in her teaches a new lesson in life. How to study?

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Lord Krishna is the master of the 64 arts. By worshipping Sadhana, you are freed from all sins associated with life and attain happiness and happiness. Just as Lord Krishna saved Draupadi from shame, some of his devotees came unanimously to save him from all his troubles. Seekers who do the spiritual practice of Sri Krishna enjoy all the pleasures of life and finally arrive at Baykont Lok. As long as there is Sri Krishna's darshan in every temple, you should always look at both together. He has a peacock feather on his head and a flute in his hand. Please note that murlis, peacock feathers, and other items associated with Lord Krishna have religious and spiritual significance.

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Murlidhar's Murli
Speaking of Murlis, who is always with Lord Krishna: he teaches us all kinds of lessons. The biggest lesson we learn from playing the flute is how to speak softly. There are no knots on the flute that teach you that it does not bind you. I do not feel any changes in others. The peculiarity of the flute is that it cannot be played without playing. These means don't speak until you know. Whenever Murley plays, it's a melody. In other words, be nice when you talk to someone.

Peacock feather in the crown
You will always see peacock feathers on Sri Krishna's crown. Sri Krishna was very fond of a cow and a peacock. This is why he always puts a peacock feather on his crown. Although astrologers believe that Kaal Sarp Dosh is in his horoscope to avoid the negative effects of the peacock feather he always wears. On the other hand, if we look at spiritual reasons, peacocks are considered celibate creatures. Lord Krishna also wears peacock feathers as a symbol of the great spirit of celibacy in love.

Egyptian sweet
Misri is a simple example of how to live a worldly and spiritual life. Misri teaches us to mix sweet things into people's lives and get along with others. An important property of Mysri is that its sweetness, when mixed with butter, dissolves in every bit of butter. Oils containing mishri convey a perceptual message of love in life and behaviour.

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