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Want the blessings of Goddess Laxmi? Follow these tips as told by Acharya Chanakya as key to your success

my jyotish expert Updated 14 Jul 2021 02:30 PM IST
acharya chankya
acharya chankya - Photo : google
Goddess Laxmi is worshiped as the guardian of wealth and prosperity. We cannot deny the fact that we as human beings do chase materialistic happiness and have needs as well. To fulfill all our wishes and dreams, we need wealth and also the blessings of goddess Laxmi. It is said that the person who is blessed by Goddess Lakshmi, his house is full of food grains. Money is not a problem and life is joyous. But if goddess Lakshmi gets angry, then the person's life is spent in poverty and there are situations of tension and distress in the house.

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Acharya Chanakya was a great teacher as well as an economist. His teachings were more informative and impactful.

Chanakya Niti says that one should be serious and cautious in the matter of earning money. One should not be careless in the matter of money. Chanakya Niti also mentions that along with earning money, one should also be aware of its proper use. If money is not used properly, then the money is of no importance. Using money is an art, if it does not come then it is useless to be rich. Investing money is also the protection of wealth.
Read on for tips on how to please the goddess of wealth.

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The woman is considered to be the Lakshmi of the house. In the house where the woman is honored, there is a feeling of respect between husband and wife towards each other, there is always peace in that house and Goddess Lakshmi resides there. There is no scarcity of money in such a place. At the same time, in a house where there is always unrest and suffering, people have to face poverty in such a place. So always keep peace in the house.

Goddess Laxmi resides and blesses the home, where righteous people are respected and acknowledged.

In the house where food is stored properly, the needy are helped, food is respected and food is fed to animals and birds, there is infinite grace of Maa Lakshmi in that house. There is no shortage. The people of such a house make a lot of progress.

Also, a home, which never dishes its guest, regardless of their background, a place where no one returns empty-handed and empty stomach, is even more auspicious than an insultFast to please Mother Laxmi

It is widely believed that if you keep a fast on Fridays and worship goddess Lakshmi all your wishes will come true and you will become prosperous. This fast is known as Vaibhav Laxshmi Vrat. Take a resolution of how many Fridays you will be fasting. Wake up early on a Friday and after bathing offer your prayers to the goddess.

Be on your best behavior to attract positivity. One can only intake fruits or milk.

Do these remedies to become the Owner of Immeasurable Wealth

 Fasting Vidhi
Place a clean (new if possible) red cloth on an elevated platform and decorate it with a statue of Goddess Lakshmi, Shree Yantra, Kalash filled with water, jewellery or gold/silver coin(s). Make some rice pudding (kheer) to offer the Goddess and distribute it as prasadam once the puja is over. Read the Vrat katha loudly, chant Lakshmi mantras and sing aarti.
Vrat udyapan
After observing the fast for a committed number of Fridays, it is important to do ‘Vrat Udyapan’. Invite 11 married women to your place on the last fasting Friday and offer them prasadam, food, gifts and Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat books. When the devotees are in any crisis, the Goddess helps them rescue themselves. By sharing these books you are giving your friends hope in case of distress.
One should commit to it with pure devotion and complete faith because only then, all your desires will be fulfilled.

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