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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Sun transit 2022: Know how sun transit in Bharani Nakshatra bring new changes

Sun transit 2022: Know how the sun transit in Bharani Nakshatra will bring new changes

My Jyotish Expert Updated 25 May 2022 05:14 PM IST
Sun transit 2022
Sun transit 2022 - Photo : Google
The transit of the Sun in Bharani Nakshatra is an important time, during this time the position of the Sun in Bharani Nakshatra of Venus gives time for the rise of creative and artistic expression. The Sun holds significant importance in Vedic astrology, representing power, authority, and dominance. Has confidence and bestows name, fame, and prestige. Builds relationships with official people, nobility, and high-ranking officials. As soon as it enters Bharani, it becomes a source of wealth. During this period, you develop feelings and they come out brighter. The person can become manipulative and dominant in speech. Fulfills the longing for respect and authority. There is also an inclination toward going to distant places and knowing foreign cultures. Energy and vitality find strength at this time. This position gives a strong personality and makes a scholar. Interest in learning some new things can be at its peak. There is also an opportunity to join any administrative work, work related to government, medicine, law, agriculture, hotel, or any other work of your interest and get good benefits.

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You can get fame and respect in society. This will increase your wealth and strengthen your love relationship. Along with this, there will be benefits in the works related to justice. Will be able to do well in creative expression.

You can spend some money to increase your amenities. During this, you will also get the support and love of your lover. Married life can be good. The communication of positive energy will help take you forward.

You can get the result of your hard work, you can see growth in work. With this, income can increase. Any pending work can be completed at this time.

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Cancer zodiac sign:

New opportunities for profit from abroad will be in front of you. You can also get profit opportunities by socializing with new people. With the help of a senior person, you can solve your problems. To avoid obstacles in my career, policies will need to be implemented secretly at this time.

Leo sun sign:
Luck will support you. You will be successful in taking your creations forward. Travels can be fruitful. There were some differences with the father, they will seem to end now. Despite continuous hard work, you can get disastrous results in getting the success you want.

Research-related work can remain good during this time. Some tasks can provide sudden success. You can get the benefit of ancestral property. Your health may be affected more by water, so attention will be required on this.

You will remain physically fit, there may also be an opportunity to expand in the field of work with a partner. You can get some relief from the disease. There will also be intensification in the relationship with the life partner. At this time, you will get better opportunities in achieving economic progress.

There may be some problems in your relationship with your life partner, it may be that his love for you is less. You have to try to maintain proper behavior with them. There will be better results in legal matters, there will be time for victory in disputes.

Consistent efforts will help give you some positive success. Along with this, care should also be taken so that others do not feel bad about anything about you. The happiness of the child side can be achieved at this time.

Your relations with friends will be strengthened, you may get an appreciation for the work related to theatre. You can get a chance to move forward someplace. The association with new people at this time will be exciting to live.

You can enter a new relationship. You will be able to improve your financial condition. You will get your mother's love and support
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