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Sun transit in aries, know which zodiac sign will benefit the most.

Myjyotish Expert Updated 14 Apr 2021 12:36 PM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish

Sun is considered to be the king of planets which tops all the planets. It is related to both lunar eclipse and solar eclipse. The only difference is this. That the solar light does not reach the earth in the solar eclipse, the moon comes between the earth and the sun. While at the time of lunar eclipse, the earth comes between the sun and the moon so that the light of the sun does not reach the moon, which is called lunar eclipse.

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As we all are aware that Sun, the lord of all the planets, has moved from Pisces to Aries. This is called the transit of the Sun, tell us that this transit of the Sun has come in Aries sign after midnight on April 13 at 2.33 am. Therefore, donations of Sankranti will be done on a large scale today. According to Vedic astrology, the Sun stays in a zodiac for a month and the day when the Sun enters the zodiac is known as Sankranti. Therefore, today is the celebration of Aries Sankranti on 14th April and due to which the devotees will also take a holy dip in Kumbh today. The big attraction will be the scene, reflecting spirituality and when the Sun transits in Aries, it has influence on all zodiac signs. If the income of some zodiacs increases, then there will be ups and downs in the life of some zodiacs, if there is a boom in one's business.

Let us know which of the zodiac signs will be receiving benefit when the Sun enters the Aries zodiac.

Aries: Sudden benefits and auspicious results will be obtained.
Sun transit is going to bring good news for your zodiac sign. During this time you will get many achievements and you will also see improvement in your speech and behaviour. You may get to hear good news in married life. Also, your relationships with the people around you will improve. You will earn good and social circle will increase, which will create your positive image in the eyes of the people. You will get success in the field and can easily win from rivals. During transit, there will be sudden benefits and good results from the mother.

Gemini: This time is favourable for investment.
Sun transit is going to be beneficial for your zodiac sign. During this time, your rights will increase and your desire to settle abroad will be fulfilled. Financially, this transit will benefit you in many areas. Your status and career will increase. Also you will get rid of legal matters. This time is favourable for investors. There will be progress in the business of the natives associated with the business and chances of profit will be made. Along with this, people working in the office will form good relations with senior officers, which also increases the chances of increasing your income.
People of these zodiacs think a thousand times before spending money.

Leo sign: Possibility of big profit in future.
Sun transit is bringing many possibilities of development for your zodiac sign. During this time you will meet many influential and distinguished people, which will exchange ideas and create huge profit potential in future. The brothers and sisters will support you and with their help, the necessary work of the business and the house will be completed. You will spend good time with friends in transit time and will also make new friends. With this, good relations will be formed with neighbours. If you are associated with family business, there will be good profit in transit period.

Libra: Land and property will increase.
Transit of the Sun is making a profit for your zodiac sign. During this time, the worry of the marriage of the child will end and they will spend relaxed time with the spouse. If you are planning to start your own business, then luck will also support you with time. Also, new job seekers will get favourable opportunities and increase in income will be possible. In the transitional period, government schemes will provide benefit and the mind will be happy with the increase in funds. Real estate will increase and after many days the door of your destiny will open again.

Sagittarius: You will get full of luck.
The transit of the Sun will awaken the destiny for your zodiac sign. During this time, luck will be fully supported and good relations will be formed with the seniors. Your social circle will increase and people will consult you, which will also benefit them. If you take a trip for profit then there is a possibility of getting certain benefits. Your thoughts will be the reason for your progress, you will get fame from them as well. If you are single, you can get married as soon as possible. You will be able to understand yourself better in transit time.

Aquarius: You will be happy with work.
Sun transit is going to prove favourable for your zodiac sign. During this time, the time will be auspicious for the students and knowing abroad, the desire to get a degree will be fulfilled. You will get many new opportunities in the field and you will also be happy with your work, which will make your relationship with the officials good. There will be an atmosphere of your happiness in life and the mind will also be happy with the progress in the life of children. Luck will support you in transit time and you will also get relief from old problems. Along with this, you will also see improvement in your health.
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