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Tantra Vidya: Get detailed information about what it is and how it works

My Jyotish Expert Updated 27 Sep 2021 06:20 PM IST
Tantra vidya
Tantra vidya - Photo : Google

Many People Get Scared As Soon As They Hear The Name Of Tantra, Tantrik, Witchcraft. This Is Also Because Some Selfish People Spread False Propaganda About Tantra Kriya Or Tantriks Even To Intimidate Simple People. For This Reason, People Started Getting Scared Without Proper Information. But In Reality, There Are Different Types Of Sadhanas In Tantra Vidya And The Functions Of Both Are Also Considered To Be Different. Know What Is Tantra.

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There Are Two Types Of Sadhnas Described In Tantra Shastra- The First Is Dakshin Margi And The Other Is Left, Margi. Tantra Sadhana, Tantra Kriya Is Called Left Margi Sadhana, Which Is Extraordinary And Frightening. But The Result Of This Tantra Practice Is Immediate. On Making Extraordinary Efforts, Its Reaction Is Also Extraordinary. Tantric Sadhana Is An Undertaking To Capture The Hidden Power In Nature. During This, Whatever Happens To The Person Happens Suddenly Which He Cannot Imagine.

If A Seeker Does Tantra Without Knowledge And Preparation And If Any Mistake Is Made In It, Then The Death Of The Said Seeker Can Also Happen. Therefore, A Seeker Doing Tantra Sadhna Makes Himself Physically And Mentally Healthy And Powerful Before Doing This Sadhna. Because The Person Doing Tantric Practice Can Sometimes See Figures Like Scary, Ghost, Phantom, Vampire, God, Demon During The Sadhana Period.

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