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The Dead souls in Dreams and their hidden Astro - Secrets

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 May 2021 03:16 PM IST
Dream - Soul - Astrology
Dream - Soul - Astrology - Photo : Google

Why does souls come into dreams after the death of man? And why does it informs of future bad events?What is its scientific secret

According to our sages, there is a belief of 7 worlds, 7 planets, 7 sages and 7 births, which is scientifically true. When the soul leaves its body, the body merges into the 5 mahabhutas. But the same chit with the soul lasts for 7 births. Your fascination and your actions are stored in your mind.

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If the death of a human is under the influence of attachment, then wherever your soul takes birth and in whatever form it takes birth, then the attachment of the soul with that soul is associated with your mind.

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Due to which, even after being reborn, your soul gets in touch with that mind through dhuloka. And your ancestors can keep in touch with you for 7 births. After 7 births the memory of accumulated karma in the end karana is over. After that, the contact of our soul is lost. But this process is possible only with Satoguni and Rajo virtuous souls.

That is why we have dreams through life and we get in touch with our ancestors.It is the spirit that holds our mind. It is the spirit that takes us to different worlds and brings us back.

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