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Name Astrology : The first letter of your name tells your future and nature

My Jyotish Expert Updated 16 Sep 2021 10:39 AM IST
Alphabet based predictions
Alphabet based predictions - Photo : Google
Name is the most important thing in life for any person, It is associated with the Identity of the person. If seen after the face, Then people recognize each other from this. But do you know that the first letter of the name says a lot about you, even from your nature to your destiny, a lot can be ascertained from your real name. actually, the real name is because many people even change their name. and in such a situation, they feel that their future will be effected only on the basis of their new name. to some extent, this is also true, because the continuous use of the name being called has the potential to have some effect on it. but in reality, your nature and destiny depend on your real name.

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in this regard, pandit sunil sharma says that in fact the first letter of your real name is based on your horoscope i.e. on the basis of the location and constellation of the moon... in such a situation, on the basis of the name, in relation to your nature i.e. behavior and fortune. a lot can be known.
you will be surprised to know that your name affects your likes and dislikes and your ability to take important life decisions. actually, according to astrology, the name has a profound effect on the personality and qualities of a person. in such a situation, a lot can be known about a person by his name. today we are telling about some such letters, which are most used in names. know the nature and characteristics of a person with a name starting with these letters.

1. Name 'K'...
People whose name starts with the letter 'k', their name affects both their personality and destiny. it is said that your name encompasses your past, present and future.
'k' is called english k and in this the numerical energy of the letter has been considered equal to 2. this number represents extremism. in such a situation, it is believed that people whose name starts with the letter 'k', they should try to create balance and harmony in their life. people named 'k' are mysterious and also a little shy. these are emotional types of people, who need care of others all the time. they like to be the center of attraction.
people with the name 'a' go to the extent of whatever they do. sometimes it is harmful for them.people named with the letter 'k' are peace loving and helping other people. they work very easily with others and are very helpful.
in many cases, they are dependent on others and are able to do better in partnership. they like solitude. they love passionately and take special care of the people close to their heart.

 2. In numerology with the name 'A' 
The letter 'a' which is called a in english is seen from the number 1. people starting with this letter are owners of influential  personalities. they are able to create their own image in front of others. the letter 'a' is considered to be the most influential letter and if your name starts with this letter then it means that you are confident as well as very determined and courageous person. also you like to live life on your own terms. people with the letter 'a' wish to be ahead everywhere in life. he is very ambitious and likes to lead. sometimes the letter 'a' also signifies aggressive, adventurous. you know what you want in your life and that's why you don't believe in sharing it with others. in such a situation, many people may find you a person with rude and ego.

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3. Those with the name 'R'...
What are the merits and drawbacks of those with the letter 'r' ... the letter 'r' is considered equal to the number 9 in numerology. this number is a symbol of tolerance, intelligence and humanity. they are also very good motivators for others. along with the personality of such people being very influential, they have intelligence, generosity, intuition and idealism. they love their family, friends and their home very much and take special care of them people with this name are very creative and their interest is more in the field of art and culture.those with the letter 'r' always work for the benefit of others. this tendency of his affects his personality the most.
4. Those with the name 'V'...
Whose name starts with the letter 'v', those human beings are very independent. people with this character are a bit loose in nature. they do whatever pleases their mind.
people with this are clean of heart, but they do not like to share their things with anyone. those with the letter 'v' do not like any kind of restriction. by keeping them in captivity, you cannot do anything to them. they do not like anyone's restraint. these people take out very deep things even from what is said in a joking manner. but do not share your heart with anyone soon. people with the letter 'v' apply this thing deeply in their life that if we give respect to others, then they will also get respect. because of this, they give respect to everyone and want full respect from others as well. generally, their family and married life is happy. that's why they don't have trouble with their things. names with the letter 'v' earn a lot of respect and money, but it takes time. they get things intermittently and slowly but stay with them permanently. these people tend to progress on their own and progress late in life, as well as are very dear to those they are close to.

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5. The letter 'M' 
 the name "m" considered equal to 4 in numerology. this number represents courage, intelligence, hard work. in such a situation, people whose name starts with the letter 'm' are believed to be very loyal. they are believers in traditional and high moral values. due to being very focused in their life, they are always aware of their every next step. they don't hesitate to try new things.

6. names with 'P'
p' ... people with names starting with the letter 'p' often want to know the opinion of others about themselves. that's why he doesn't want to leave any stone unturned to become a perfect person. your image and reputation matter a lot to them. their mind is very sharp and they are considered to be quick wits. the wit in them is amazing. the letter 'p' or p is considered equivalent to the number 7 and this number represents power and spirituality. that is why it is said that people whose name starts with the letter 'p' have a lot of interest in their life. and they are very influential personalities. these people use their natural ability to gain knowledge. most of the people named 'p' keep a mystery around them, because they keep all their secrets hidden in their mind. they do not open completely in front of anyone easily. they do not like to share the things of their personal life with others.

7. Those with the name 'N' 
'n' i.e. the letter n is considered equal to 5 in numerology. this number represents imagination, freedom and joy. in such a situation, people whose name starts with the letter 'n', they are very active, non-traditional thinking. they have the ability to adapt themselves easily according to the situation and that is why they sometimes suddenly stop something and move towards the other direction completely. they always want perfection in their life, they are very critical and that is why they do not like anyone easily. if they get a partner according to their expectations, then only they come into the relationship. those with the letter 'n' are of researcher nature by nature. they are very intelligent, imaginative, versatile.

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 8. In the name 'S'... the
letter 's' ie s is considered equal to the number 1 in numerology. people whose name starts with 's' are said to be born leaders and achieve success in every field in life. they are also very loyal. they are not fake. they express their love through their behavior and actions more than making gestures and giving expensive gifts.
whoever they are with, they stand with each other equally in their happiness and sorrow. people with the letter 's' are considered very loyal. they are not only romantic but also very natural. whatever happens in their heart, it happens on their tongue too. they are very beautiful from outside and inside. they are not only attractive but also interesting.  the special thing about people with this name is that they always want to remain the center of attraction. these people are very passionate about work and work very hard to make their dreams come true. this is the reason why these people go into politics and become professional models and actors. if we talk about the financial condition, then these people achieve their goals by working hard in life, that is why they do not lack money. they do not share their feelings with everyone, while it is very difficult to explain their feelings to others. at the same time, due to this habit, they sometimes become victims of depression.when they lose their temper many times in anger. this is their biggest weakness. for this reason it is difficult for people to understand them.
on one hand, in the eyes of many people, love is their everything, on the other hand, wealth is more valuable in their eyes, these people earn money by working hard. knowing as a relationship, then these people always prove to be good partners. whether it is a matter of marriage or business. these people are what they speak, that is, they do not hide anything.

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