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The right way to fast on Mondays -

MyJyotish Expert Updated 03 May 2021 10:10 AM IST
Monday Fast
Monday Fast - Photo : Google

According to religious texts, Monday is dedicated to worshiping Bholenath. Monday's fast is observed to please Lord Bholenath(Lord Shiva).
It is said that any person who has the blessings of Lord Shiva, does not need to worship anyone else. By the grace of Bholenath, it is believed that a good groom is attained. So a woman should keep this fast to get a worthy groom.

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But many a times we take the initiative to perform a fast, but due to lack of knowledge to execute it with the right method, we are unable to get the desired results, so it is necessary to have knowledge of the correct method of fasting.

Also, in this article of how to worship Shiva on Monday, we are going to mention every small things related to shiva and the fasts in this article today.

Somvari fasting method:
  • In order to keep the fast for Monday, first take a pledge to fast for 16 or 21 weeks and make sure that it is not missed in any week. It is said that by fasting on Sixteen Mondays (Solah Somvar), one gets the desired life partner.
  • After getting up early in the morning on Monday, after bathing meditation and daily rituals, go to the Shiva temple or at home offer raw milk and fruits on the ‘Shivling’. If you get a Bell-patra or datura, then it is a good thing.
  • Before worshiping at home, sprinkle Ganga water and make it holy, then install the idol of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha.
  • Remember that before worshiping Lord Shiva, worship Lord Ganesha. After that worship Goddess Parvati and Mahadev.
  • Then after Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Nandi Dev should be worshiped.

Worshiping materials include milk, curd, water, honey, ghee, sugar, molli, panchamrut, cloth, sandalwood, janeu, roli, bell-patra, rice, ak-dhatura, flowers, hemp, pan-betel nut, cardamom, lotus seed, Dakshina is offered along with prasad, clove and dry fruits.

After doing so, Chant the mantra "Mama kshemastharya vijayarogyaeshwarya vriddhirthyam somvratam karishye".

To complete this fast, listen to the stories of Goddess Parvati and Shiva, without them, the fast is not considered complete.
According to the scriptures, after fasting for three hours on Monday, the fast should be opened after that. That is, one should eat at one time.

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