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The rites of past lives also awaken in birds, The story of four wise birds

MY JYOTISH EXPERT Updated 07 Jun 2021 03:59 PM IST
The story of Four Wise Birds
The story of Four Wise Birds - Photo : Google

The story of four wise birds:

Just as a person performs karma, the virtues get accumulated and they get awakened in the next life. If you go from human species to lower species due to any sin or curse, then also your good values become awake in that lower yonis. In such situation the creature will do good deeds even while living life in that inferior yoni. If you come from low yoni to the birth of a human yoni, you will still do the following actions while staying in a human yoni.  For example, if a human comes from a snake yoni into a human yoni, then that animal will bite or bruise people in the human yoni and kill them by giving poison.

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The war of Mahabharata was going on. A pregnant bird was flying through the middle of the war. Arjun's body went out through the bird's stomach and 4 eggs came out from the bird's womb and fell on the groumd full of sand and the brass bell hanging next to the elephant from the other vessel was cut and fell on the eggs in such a way that the eggs were buried under the hour, now due to the heat of the earth and the heat of the sun, children were started worrying in those eggs.

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Sammik Rishi was going from there.  Hearing the voices of the children, took them out from under the hour and took them to their ashram. And the sage (Rishi) served them and the children grew up. One day Rishi Sammik was giving discourses to his disciples in his ashram. And the four birds were listening carefully to the sermons.  Listening to the discourse, the rites of rebirth of those four birds were awakened.  And those birds started speaking Sanskrit language.  And those birds were worshiped by the Sammik Rishi.

Sammik Rishi got very surprised how these four birds are speaking.  First of all, Sammik Rishi asked him the secret of speaking in human language, then the birds said that Guruji, we were sage sons in previous birth.  And due to the curse of our father, all of us birds have come into the yoni. The four birds told the sage a very strange thing and said that Guru ji listen to all the sounds of animals and creatures of all the yonis very carefully and try to understand with your intellect and mind. When we were listening to your sermons with mind and intellect in meditation, then our values were awakened.  And our knowledge and Sanskrit language were also accumulated in those rites.  Therefore, that Sanskrit language has also awakened Gurudev.

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After all, how the rites of those four wise birds were awakened.
How he started speaking in Sanskrit language. 

How did the four birds survive in such a fierce battle of Mahabharata. 

I will try to give you the scientific information of this entire theory in the next post.

Therefore, do not think of anyone bad, do not do bad, do not be jealous, do not abuse, do not cheat anyone, otherwise the bird, snake, scorpion, nebula, jackal, rat, cat and boar will become a knowledgeable master.

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