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Palmistry: If these lines are formed in your palm,you can become rich

My Jyotish Expert Updated 25 Oct 2021 06:09 PM IST
Palmistry - Photo : My jyotish expert

It has been told in palmistry that by looking at some lines present in the palm of a person, his financial condition can be known.


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Ujjain. Some lines are such that seeing that it can be clearly said that the person will be rich. To see whether such lines are present in your palm or not…

1. If the palm is heavy and the base of the fingers is also equal, as well as the fate line, is more than one, then it is a sign that your luck will bring benefits from many sides.

2. The fate line in the palm should become thinner than thick. If the lifeline is round and the mount of Saturn is high, then the person earns a lot of money in business.

3. If the palm is heavy and the Mars line is running along with the lifeline, then such a person gets great benefits from ancestral property.

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4. If the fate line in the palm is away from the lifeline and a thin line emerges from the moon festival and meets the fate line, then the person becomes wealthy by going abroad.

5. If the fate line goes straight to the mount of Saturn after leaving the bracelet and if the Sunline is more than one and the finger of Sun and Saturn is straight, then it is a sign that you will become very wealthy.

6. If a line emerges from the moon and meets the fate line and the fate line is thin and ends directly on the mount of Saturn, then this is the sum of your becoming a millionaire.

7. The marriage line should go to the mount of Jupiter. If there is no network of thick lines in the hand and the headline is not torn, then with the help of in-laws, the sum of becoming wealthy is formed.

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