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These things if done on Tuesday makes Bajrangbali angry

My Jyotish Expert Updated 14 Sep 2021 12:02 PM IST
Lord Hanuman
Lord Hanuman - Photo : Google
To make Bajrangbali happy, some read Hanuman Chalisa, some chant mantras, etc. There are some works which we should avoid doing on Tuesday. It is believed that doing this work on Tuesday will make Bajrangbali angry.

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The best day to worship Lord Hanuman is Tuesday, on this day a lot of devotees worship in temples as well as in their houses. it is believed that chanting mantra and reading Hanuman Chalisa makes lord hanuman happy.
Makeup accessories: According to the beliefs, buying beauty products on Tuesday will lead to creating problems in your marital relations. The most suitable days to buy beauty products are Monday and Friday. purchasing such things on those days brings good luck.
Milk products: Those foods which are made up of milk should be avoided to buy. such as, barfi, rabdi, kalakand and kheer etc. It is believed that milk is the factor of the moon. moon and mars repel each other so milk products are avoided on Tuesday.
Meat-liquor: Buying or consuming meat on Tuesday should be avoided without forgetting. buying such things brings inauspicious to person's family. It is believed that the person who buys meat or consumes liquor will become poor soon.
Iron articles: It is believed that buying iron articles is considered inauspicious. steel utensils, knives, nail cutters and scissors, etc should be avoided.
Avoid cutting nails: One should avoid doing haircuts or shaving on Tuesday. Exchange of money should also be avoided. This leads to a loss of money. Do not buy any ingredients of Havan. Havan should also not be performed on Tuesday.
Black clothes: according to the beliefs one should not wear black clothes on Tuesday. Wearing red on this day is the symbol of good luck.
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