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Things to keep in your wallet to attract money!

My Jyotish Expert Updated 19 May 2021 12:56 PM IST
Keep your Wallet full
Keep your Wallet full - Photo : MyJyotish Expert
Money comes to those who know how to attract it’, this is an old saying, and it cannot be truer. How you ask? The answer is simple attracting money spiritually with a lucky charm is all you need to attract money, especially on a Thursday. Thursday, the day of planet Jupiter, which is represented by the Priest of Gods, Lord Brihaspati. Both being an indicator of wealth, fortune, and good luck.

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Here are a few things your wallet must have on a Thursday to attract money: -

A leaf of Peepal Tree, the tree is said to be full of wisdom. It is said that Lord Vishnu resides in the tree, which brings positive vibes to earn more. Also, it is said to be more beneficial to write Shri on the leaf with saffron or turmeric and place it hidden inside your wallet. 

The photo of Goddess Lakshmi is said to help in increasing wealth if kept inside the wallet. For obvious reasons as the goddess is known to bring in wealth and prosperity and helps in removing any financial problems faced by any individual.

Keeping silver coins in the wallet can bring in luck, as it known to be a symbol of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It is used both to attract more money and for being an element of metal, which is known to be associated with clarity and freshness.

Shree Yantra can be carried in your purse, as not only does it help to bring in more money, it also helps in brings in positivity in once life.

Next in the list is to put Gomti Chakra in your wallet, as it also helps in attracting wealth. With doing that it brings in good health and happiness too. Any individual having it would be successful in work and personal life.

Last on the list is to carry grains of rice in your purse, which is known to represent good life and abundance. It is believed to have 21 grains of rice in your wallet to attract money. Individuals having an impulse to spend money recklessly should use it.

But one should keep in mind that while putting any of the above item in your wallet, the wallet shouldn’t be torn as these items won’t be useful. Also, one should not keep excessive material in the wallet.

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