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Three things that can make your life luxiours, know how to impress the goddess of wealth

my jyotish expert Updated 05 Jul 2021 06:41 PM IST
Three things that can make your life luxiours, know how to impress the goddess of wealth
Three things that can make your life luxiours, know how to impress the goddess of wealth - Photo : GOOGLE
It is used to said – if we want wealth in our life so firstly we need to impress the goddess of wealth (mother goddess Lakshmi ). If she had her blessing on anyone then there is no more financial issues in the life. People will always wealthy and happy in their life. If a family is fully wealthy then his/her whole family will automatically happy. According to Chanakya he advise three different tricks to impress the goddess of wealth.

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According to the ethological mother goddess Lakshmi is known as the goddess of fortune, wealth and beauty.  People having the blessing of mother goddess Lakshmi are so luck because they always feel wealthy and happy in their whole life and even they have enough amount of food facilities, clothing, shelter for living a comfortable and enjoyfull  life. They never have to face any financial problem in their life whole life going peacefully and enjoyful .

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It is used to be said… there is no need for an argument with a fool and he doesn’t have any knowledge and you are feeling superior then him so its totally waste. There is no sense of it feeling superior with the appreciation of a fool its better to appreciate yourself with a good competitor. Don’t compare yourself with fools its totally irrelevant and its better scolding by great men because at least you gain some knowledge and information. When you start comparing yourself with fools,  you feel you are on the top of the world which leads to overconfidence and in result you will not be able to learn anything from it. Scolding has a great power and gives a good lesson at every stage of a life for a better future. According to Chanakya respecting the great thinkers and giving them proper values will be an automatic source of get wealth and success in your life. 

Those who have a proper maintain food process, always ready to help the needy, give respect to the food , and treat the birds and animals as a family member and provide them proper food will always have the blessing of mother goddess of wealth “ Lakshmi goddess”. They don’t have to suffer from scarcity of food for rest of the life. This will be the correct way of success for a healthier life.

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Women are considered to be the lakshmi of the house. Those family who respect women and treat her as a home maker will always be on the peak of the success. Its  important to have mutual understand and respect for each other between the husband and the wife so that they will live peacefully. They will never face any financial problem in their whole life. So its important to respect each and every women.

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