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Keep these tips in mind while placing the Ganesha idol at your home

myjyotish Expert Updated 03 Sep 2021 07:26 PM IST
Keep these tips in mind while placing the Ganesha idol at your home
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Lord Ganesha is considered the God of happiness, joy, and prosperity. Most of us usually keep Ganesha idols at home without knowing exactly where and how to place them. If the idol is installed at the wrong spot or direction according to the Vastu, its results couldn't be fruitful for you and your family.

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To remove all hurdles from your life and attract wealth and good health, one should follow specific simple Vastu rules.
By the grace of Ganesh Ji, one gets freedom from the effects of Vastu defects. Therefore, to remove Vastu defects, you can place the idol of Ganesh Ji in the workplace or at home. Read on to find out how installing Ganesh Ji's idol is beneficial.
  1. Establishing an idol of Ganesh Ji in the center of the house or office is auspicious. Also, keep in mind that their face should not be in the south direction. Try to make the idol face the north direction since this is where Lord Shiva resides and it is considered very auspicious.
  2. There should be only one idol of Ganesh Ji at the place of worship. It is believed that having two or more idols upsets Ridhi Sidhi and just counteracts their energy.
  3. Ganesh Ji should always be on the left of Gauri Ji at the time of worship.
  4. As we all know, Lord Ganesha’s vahana or a vehicle is a mouse and modak is his favorite sweet. Therefore, while purchasing the idol for your residence, make it obvious that the tiny mouse and the modak are a part of it. The mouse is a symbol of all-pervasiveness, while the modak is an offering to the Lord and his devotees and prasadam.
  5. Avoid placing the idol in the bedroom, garage, laundry room, underneath staircases, and of course bathrooms.
  6. While buying your idol give special attention to the trunk. According to Vastu, ideally, the trunk of the sitting Ganesha should be tilted towards his left. This symbolizes happiness and success.
  7. The color of the murti also holds significant importance. People seeking happiness, peace, and prosperity in life should consider placing an idol of a white Ganesha at home.
  8. If you want harmony and wealth in your home, place a white idol of the Ganesha in the right direction.
  9. In case, you are keeping a Ganesha idol on your office desk, make sure it is in the standing position as this way, it will bring positive energy and keep you enthusiastic.
  10. The Ganesha idol which you are bringing home should be in a sitting position so that the deity stays in your home.
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