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Top 5 Hindu Gods and Their Favorite Foods

Myjyotish Expert Updated 27 Nov 2020 04:20 PM IST
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The Hindu scriptures claim 33 crore Gods as a standard representation of deity.  One’s attachment to any of these depends on how well an individual relate oneself with them. And, to keep the heavenly care-taker pleased, people are often seen to offer foods and sweets at religious places. But, have you ever wondered what food is loved by God? And, if all of them love the same food? The answer to the second question is a big no no. The Hindu mythology indicates that different Gods are made different offerings as per their temperament. Explore the following segment to know the top five Hindu Gods and what pleases them.
  • Lord Shiva – Devo-ke-dev Mahadev, the almighty Shiva is easy to please. As per the Indian shastras, the yogi is said to be fond of roots and vegetables. Bhang, a drink made of crushed hemp leaves is his favorite. Some other offerings that can be made of him include milk, datura and milk based white sweets.
  • Lord Vishnu – Lord Vishnu, the preserver and protector of the universe is known to have a liking for the color yellow and hence chana daal, honey, yellow laddus and bananas can be offered to him.
  • Lord Ganesh – Well known as Ganpati, the pot-bellied Ganesh is a true representation of a foodie. His favorite food is none other than laddus and modaks. This was easy to guess, isn’t it? 
  • Shani Dev – Lord Shani is often feared to cause problems in people’s lives but if pleased, he opens doors to their happiness and advancement. With black being his dearest color, black lentils khichdi and black sesame plus jaggery laddus can be offered to him.
  • Lord Krishna – Politely called as Kanha, Krishan ji mostly loved eating maakhan-mishri. Butter milk and laddus are some other offerings that can be made to him.
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