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Unhappy with your job or business? Try these astrological remedies. Updated 16 Jul 2021 08:42 PM IST
Astrological remedies for job and business
Astrological remedies for job and business - Photo : Google
Astrological Remedy In today’s time, the employed people and the business class are facing a lot of problems. There is always a fear in the minds of the job seekers that nothing may happen today or nothing will happen in the coming time. Many people lost their jobs during the corona period and many people had to face and are facing a huge cut in salary. People also had to face a lot of recession in the field of business.

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Today, in this topic, we are telling you the remedies related to the job so that you do not have to face the problems related to the job in your life.

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After retiring half of the morning bath and reciting Gita, all the obstacles in job business are destroyed.
Write the 36th verse of Jave Adhyay of Gita with red ink and hang it in the house. All kinds of obstacles which are related to business and job will go away.
If some arrangement is coming with you in the workplace, you do not want to do any work, but you have to do it under the pressure of your higher authority, then on Thursday, you should sit facing the east direction on a white cloth in front of you. Keep a pair of cloves and camphor and do a garland of Gayatri Mantra, after that burn both of them.

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