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Do you know chanting Mantras can fulfill all your wishes? Lets see how

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 Sep 2021 05:33 PM IST
Use power of mantra to accomplish all wish
Use power of mantra to accomplish all wish - Photo : google
We all have seen our elders reciting mantras while doing puja or hawan or while worshipping the deities. But have you ever pondered upon the idea of why they do so? What's the significance of these mantras? The word 'Mantra' is composed of two words 'Mana' meaning 'contemplation' and 'Tra' meaning power and protection. While Sanskrit interpretation means 'instrument or tool of mind'.It is believed that chanting mantras remove the negativity from our life. Chanting Mantras fulfills any kind of work. However, there are some rules to it mentioned in the scriptures if we want them to work for us efficiently.

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        Read on to know what these rules are

  1. To receive the full power of Mantras, chant them with full devotion, faith, and concentration.
  2. Sitting in a correct posture also plays an important role during the Chanting of Mantras. Padmasan, Vajrasana, and Siddhasana are considered ideal postures for chanting.
  3. Another important thing to keep in mind is the time of chanting. Mantras should be chanted before sunrise, that is, Brahma Muhurta. This is the best time to recite. Chanting can also be done before sleeping if the above timing is not suitable
  4. Allot a fixed time and place for the chanting of mantras. Don't change the location and time.
  5. Special garlands are assigned for different mantras and a secluded place should be chosen like a temple and or puja Ghar.
  6. After chanting and using the garland it should always be covered.
  7. Cleanliness and purity should be followed while chanting mantras, the middle finger and thumb should be used to rotate the garland.
  8. There are specific mantras for different things. Some are to please the deity and some to remove negative effects from our lives. Before chanting any mantras, seek the help of a qualified scholar to know which mantra to chant.
  9. It is advised to chant Mool's mantra for ordinary situations. While Beej's mantra is recited in special conditions.
  10. Too much chanting of mantras should not be done where worship is done. Mantras are recited for the fulfillment of certain things. If we recite them daily, it may seem like we are just worshipping for the fruit and not doing prayers. Think about this in this way, when we daily seek his blessings from our parents we don't daily ask for something, we just give them affection and love they respect.
  11. Reciting mantras also calm down our mind and body.
  12.  Chanting with full focus eventually improves concentration.
  13. Always close your eyes while reciting and keep your body relaxed.
  14. Mantras can also be recited after yoga, meditation, or worshipping god.
  15. Chant mantras with full devotion and faith.
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