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Vastu Tip; Use SALT to remove Negativity and bring Positivity to your Home

My Jyotish Expert Updated 21 May 2021 01:02 PM IST
Vastu Tip - Use of Salt
Vastu Tip - Use of Salt - Photo : MyJyotish Expert
Just like the use of salt makes food tasty, in the same way, salt can also make your life better, such as the view of Vastu science. But for this, the use of salt cannot be limited to food, salt can be used in several other ways.Ever since salt is used in food, salt has also been considered to be very beneficial in removing negative energy. 

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According to Vastu Science, salt has amazing power which not only fills your house with positive energy but also works to increase happiness and prosperity in your home. Therefore, salt is also useful in fighting against the evil eye. If you feel that you or a member is under the effect of an evil eye, then take a pinch of salt and revolve it around the person thrice and throw it out. It is said that it ends the effect of an evil eye.

According to Vastu science, filling the salt in a glass cup should be kept in the toilet and bathing house, this removes Vastu defects.
The reason for this is that both salt and glass are the objects for Rahu and work to remove the negative effects of Rahu. Rahu is also considered to be a factor of negative energy and insect-germs. Which affects happiness, prosperity, and health at home.Putting salt in a glass utensil and keeping it in any corner of the house brings positive energy to the house.

Effect of Rahu or Ketu or whether bad thoughts or fears are developing in the mind, this experiment will have a lot of benefits.Tying rock salt in a red cloth and hanging it at the main entrance of the house does not let anything enter the house with an evil force. Hanging it at the main gate of your business establishment and above the vault is considered beneficial for business growth.

Washing hands and feet with a pinch of salt at night relieves stress and brings good sleep. The inauspicious effects of Rahu and Ketu can also be overcome.

You can keep rock salt lamps for the growth of positive energy in the house. According to Vastu Science, it helps in increasing mutual prosperity in family life as well as in increasing happiness. It also has positive effects on health-related matters.

Happiness at home comes from happy children. When the children become ill, the whole house gets disturbed. To maintain this happiness, always make sure to put a pinch of salt in bathing water once a week, then children will be saved from the effects of the evil eye and health problems will be reduced.

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