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Vastu tips: Avoid these mistakes to welcome happiness and prosperity at home

My jyotish expert Updated 14 Aug 2021 12:17 PM IST
Vastu Tips
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We all tend to face different crises in our life. Astrology and Vastu experts often suggest some remedies to deal with different kinds of crises. While many times we tend to hear people mentioning that many of our problems arise due to Vastu defects. Read on to find some mistakes you might be making which are attracting negativity at your place.

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  1. According to Vastu Shastra, never place a dustbin or a shoe rack near the main entrance of the door, this shall arise conflicts among your neighbors.
  2. It is believed to never offer milk to an outsider after sunset, even if they ask. Apart from this, keep in mind to avoid giving curd and onion as well. Offering these things after sunset is considered inauspicious and prevents happiness from knocking at your door.
  3. Festivals are always celebrated and accompanied by sweets. It is believed that if sweets are made at home then it's advised to use mishri instead of sugar. This attracts wealth, success, and prosperity.
  4. According to Vastu, it is advised to fill a bucket of water in the bathroom before sleeping at night. This sweeps away negativity from your place.
  5. It is believed wearing, eating, and drinking yellow-colored things on Thursday brings home peace and good luck.
  6. Always wash your dirty dishes before going to sleep at night. This helps to keep your financial situation stable.
  7. Never use a wet towel; this may cause conflicts between you and your children. Always use a dry towel.
  8. Never throw fruit peels into the dustbin, instead of burying them in soil. This may not only be helpful for waste management but also improve your bonds with your friends and pals.
  9. Never wash bed mattress and wheat on your terrace. Doing this may roughen your relationship with your in-laws.
  10. Avoid placing a mirror or television in front of the bed. Your reflection must not be seen in a mirror when in bed as it causes fights and other domestic disruptions.

Follow these tips to seek blessings and welcome home positivity and prosperity.

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