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Vastu Tips: If there is disturbance in the house due to Vastu defect, follow these expert tips

my jyotish expert Updated 16 Jul 2021 10:54 AM IST
Vastu Tips: If there is disturbance in the house due to Vastu defect, follow these expert tips
Vastu Tips: If there is disturbance in the house due to Vastu defect, follow these expert tips - Photo : GOOGLE
In today's run-of-the-mill life, there is unrest in the house for many reasons. Sometimes the family members are unable to give time to each other, sometimes the pressure of the workplace, sometimes the competition to get ahead, due to so many reasons, the mind remains restless and we keep looking for reasons to find small happiness. But have you ever thought that the cause of quarrels and disturbances in the house can also be a Vastu defect?

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Yes, it is true that Vastu matters a lot for the peace of the house. Dr Aarti Dahiya explains that Vastu Shastra is based on the powers that we get from our environment. By bringing all these forces in balance, we can make our life peaceful. How to keep those things which are used in our daily life is also Vastu, because Vastu has been created from the word Vaastu. Let us know that if the cause of unrest in the house is Vastu defect, then how can peace be brought by removing it.

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Meditate by lighting a candle
If your mind is disturbed due to some reason and any work is not being done properly, then it may be because of Vastu Dosh. In such a situation, keep a lamp or candle lit in front and play some light meditation music. Keep your eyes on the candle flame for a while and meditate with the music. Repeat this process for 15 minutes for 21 consecutive days. Very soon you will feel the change mentally and the disturbance will go away.

Fill an open vessel with water and keep it near the bed.
If someone in your family sees symptoms of depression, then to get rid of this problem, put water and flowers in an open vessel and keep it at the head overnight. Put this water in a plant in the morning. To cure yourself completely, you have to do this rule for 40 consecutive days. You will see the change after the completion of 40 days.

These five things should not be taken for free, Read must

keep a handful of rice in hand
If you are getting very emotional and the mind is getting disturbed, then by keeping a handful of rice in hand, chant Om Namah Shivaya 11 or 21 times and offer it to the birds. Repeat this rule for 16 days. By doing this, positive energy is transmitted in the house and peace comes.

Do tilak with vermilion and cow's ghee
If there is a big tree or house in the east of your building whose shadow is falling on your house, then it is a Vastu defect associated with the east direction. Because of this defect, there are always fights in the house. To overcome this, you should always do tilak on the main door of the house with vermilion and cow's ghee or write 'Om' and also plant some flowering plants.

If you want wealth, happiness and prosperity in the house, then do these measures related to jaggery
Do not plant a big tree in front of the house
The lord of the south direction is the planet Mangaldev and the deity of this direction is Yama. If Mars is not benefic then this direction can cause diseases, legal hurdles, anger etc. If there is a Vastu defect in this direction, then put a triangular flag in this direction and never keep any broken items in front of the house. Also, do not plant a very big tree in front of the main door. Doing so can spoil the health of the owner of the house and there can be disturbance in the house.

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