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Vastu Tips: Fix your Vastu defects with these budget friendly remedies

My Jyotish Expert Updated 10 Aug 2021 07:43 PM IST
Vastu Tips: Fix your Vastu defects with these budget friendly remedies
Vastu Tips: Fix your Vastu defects with these budget friendly remedies - Photo : Google
Get more for less, using these low cost items will fix the biggest Vastu defects
In this rising inflation, even if people think that what will happen to the item taken from ₹ 10. If we talk about this thinking, then it is also justified in a way because in this inflation the price of ₹ 100 is negligible, then ₹ 10 is a very small value. You must have experienced that when you go to buy any vegetable, clothes, or another item in your house, you will often get to see that the price of vegetable is also so expensive that it cannot be bought for ₹ 10. But among us, there are such small things to be bought for ₹ 10 which are very important for us. It feels that something is incomplete without it, for example, we take salt only when we cook vegetables in the home kitchen, no matter how many different types of spices are added to it until we do not add salt to it, then that vegetable is incomplete. It seems in the same way that there are many other such small things which have a very important part in our lives, but today we will tell those items bought in ₹ 10 which can change our luck in a bit, so let's know that Who are those things:

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alum and rock salt
Consider how great our Sanatan Dharma culture has been that even in the legacy it has been used or used even by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Every action of our ancient civilization was somehow related to religion and astrology. In old age, whenever someone had to go on pilgrimage or lion, those people used to carry alum with them because alum is a multi-purpose item. Apart from this, alum is also a tremendously useful item to prevent vision loss. Before brushing in the morning, put alum in a mug of water, and then after brushing, take out the alum and rinse it with that water, because alum is a pure Mouth Fresher along with being Anti-Bacterial. Especially on Wednesday, by washing the teeth with alum water, the planet Mercury becomes strong. Due to this effect, there is a positive effect on the speech of the person. If possible, take a bath with alum dissolved water on Wednesday or Saturday, it strengthens Mercury.

If we talk about the name of rock, then there is more conflict in the house or house, then take rock salt and alum along with it in a glass bowl and keep it on an upper place (eg:- cupboard) and keep changing it every Saturday.


betel leaf
"Paan" means to take something. The betel leaf is said to be very important in the scriptures because even the gods accept it. Often you have seen that betel leaves are offered to Hanuman Ji on Tuesday, Kinnar on Wednesday, and Lord Vishnu on Ekadashi, betel leaves are offered to Lord Shiva on Monday. It has been said in astrology that the use of betel leaves on the right day brings luck to the people. This brings only success in life.


* Rose
Although all flowers are useful in one way or the other, but the importance of rose is more on Thursday, because according to the scriptures, every wish of a person is fulfilled by offering rose flower to Lord Sai on Thursday. Therefore, it is said that when you are worshiping Sai, you must offer roses whenever possible.




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