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Vastu tips for an ideal home

Myjyotish Expert Updated 06 Apr 2021 04:47 PM IST
Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips - Photo : Myjyotish

Vastu Shastra is essential in accordance with the correct placement of the five elements namely earth, water, air, fire and space. It is important for enhancing the positive energies around your surroundings, getting cleared off the negative energies.

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Vastu tips are followed, to balance the cosmic energies. It is helpful for having a better and healthier life. To prosper and having a peaceful outlook of life, maintaining stability in one’s career. Even for betterment of one’s house.

Here we bring to you Vastu tips for a positive, happy and ideal home:
  1. The main entrance is a vital part of home so it is important to make sure to keep the main entrance clean, attractive and free from any obstruction.
  2. Keeping central position (Brahmsthan) of your home empty, or at least free from having any heavy furniture.
  3. For placement of bedroom South West, South, and North potions of the home are considered auspicious.
  4. Avoid having couple’s bedroom in the North-East part of the home as it creates disharmony in relationship.
  5. Instead of placing mandir in the bedroom area, it is ideal to place it in the North East part of the home, so as to save of vastu dosh.
  6. Placement of washrooms in the North East, should be avoided as it creates vastu dosh. Not only that it can lead to lack of success in all matters of life.
  7. South of South East, West of North West and East of South East directions should be considered for placement of washrooms.
  8. Make sure not to keep washing machine in exact North, exact South and North East part of home as this will disturb mental peace of those living in the home.
  9. While painting the walls of the house always keep in mind, the right colours as per the zone or at least don’t use the anti-colour for a particular zone.
  10. The doors and windows of the home should not make any creaking noise while opening and closing them as this disturbs the zonal energies, they should be well oiled at all times.
  11. Windows should be daily opened so as it let fresh air come and replenish your home environment.
  12. Not having any faulty electric/ electronic devices or stopped watches in any zone of the house is important, so that it doesn’t disturb the energies.
  13. For placement of the garbage bin and mopping material, South of South West direction, and West of North West direction are ideal.
  14. Avoid having multi colours in flooring and make sure to keep it levelled, smooth and shiny.
  15. One should avoid using dark colours for home, instead opt for shades like white, yellow, pink, orange, green or blue.
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