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Vastu tips for bedroom:-

MyJyotish expert Updated 22 Apr 2021 05:54 PM IST
Vastu shastra
Vastu shastra - Photo : GOOGLE

It is said even if you make wonderful bedroom and it is not made with proper vastu, then the person has to face lots of problem. The person cannot live happily and positively. But now a days there are several people who believes in Vastu. We would have come across a lot of people who follow Vastu Shastra principles. They say, Vastu can help you optimise your living space and life and help you stay positive. Even those who are not firm believers of the principles of Vastu Shastra, tend to follow it, once they understand the kind of organisation and utility of spaces that Vastu helps them to implement.

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One of the most important personal spaces in your house is your bedroom. Let us see how Vastu can convert it into a place of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. How one can remain positive and happy after following Vastu. 

Direction of bedroom as per Vastu
“Ideally, the bedroom at south-west brings good health and prosperity for the home owner and enhances longevity. Avoid a bedroom in the north-east or south-east zone of the house. In the south-east, it may result in quarrels among the couple. The bedroom in the north-east may cause a health issue. The children‘s bedroom is best in the east or north-west zone of the house”. 
Also, a bedroom in the north is considered lucky for everyone. It is especially very fortunate for young students who are looking for job or business opportunities. Similarly, a bedroom in the east will give them a sharp intellect and will help them excel in studies.
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