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Vastu Tips For Home

Myjyotish Expert Updated 30 Mar 2021 10:37 AM IST
Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips - Photo : Myjyotish

It is very important to know what is creating obstacles in business growth for that let us see some Vastu tips which can help in gaining profits which will lead to a successful business.
  1. for the business place, you should look for a Shermukhi plot. those types of plots are narrow from the end & wide from the front.
  2. select a commercial place that is near the operational road. This will help in boosting your business growth.
  3. the main entrance should be in the East or North as these directions are a will lead to positivity & success.
  4. Avoid keeping anything at the entrance that obstructs it or does not put any object Which attracts negativity. As this will obstruct the inflow of positive energy.
  5. The pantry and the electrical equipment should be in the south-east direction. 
  6. The owner should have his room in the south-west, and he/she should sit facing the north. 
  7. 7.  Avoid keeping any God idol behind the owner’s seat also there should not be any temple behind their seat. Any glass or window behind his seat should also be not there. 
  8. The desk should be made of wood avoid keeping such desks which are made of glass or metal as it attracts negativity & stress.
  9. Place the picture of a White horse on the wall in the north-west area. This will promote cash inflow and brings financial stability.
  10. Employees should be seated in the north-west direction.
  11. Washrooms or toilets should not be in the north-west direction, As This will not promote the financial growth of the business.
  12. For financial stability it is very important to know where the accounts department should be. So, the accounts department should be in the south-east corner & and the accountants should be facing the north-east for better wealth.
  13. Ensure that the lockers should be in the south-west corner & it should open in the north-east direction.
  14. Beautiful fresh flowers should be placed at the reception to attract positivity.
  15. Always discard broken items especially the stationary as it will lead to negativity, crises & poverty.
  16. For fruitful discussions at the meetings the conference room should be in the north-west direction.
  17. For a successful business & to bring prosperity you should place an aquarium in the north-east in your office, also keep nine goldfish and one blackfish in it.
  18.  Always ensure that the central area & the north-east of the office is open as this will promote positive vibes.
  19. If there is any manufacturing or production work in your business, then ensure that it is from the south-west to the north-east direction. This will enhance the success rate of the product and will also improve production potential.

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