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Vastu tips: Keep these things in mind while making bathroom and toilet

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 Sep 2021 09:51 AM IST
Vastu shastra
Vastu shastra - Photo : google

Vastu affects everything related to our life. From getting up in the morning to going to sleep in the evening, Vastu also plays an important role in the activities that take place during the day. Bathrooms and toilets are considered to be the most neglected places in the house and no one flows much of it, because it is the nature of human beings to take care of the thing which is most useful. But keep in mind that even though the bathroom and toilet can be neglected places in the house, a lot of care needs to be taken while choosing the place for them. If Vastu is not taken care of in these two, then negative energy will enter the house, due to which the members of the house will have to suffer.

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Let's know about the Vastu related to bathroom and toilet.

Why is it dangerous to have a bathroom and toilet together according to Vastu?

Keep in mind that the attached toilet should never be located in the southeast or southwest corner. If such bathrooms are made in this direction, then the health of the female members of the house remains bad. The toilet inside the toilet should never be in the east direction.

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Some special things related to bathroom and toilet:

1. According to Vastu Bathroom and toilet should be 1-2 feet above the ground.

2. Its door should be on the east or north wall. Bathtubs, taps, and showers in the North-East direction are considered auspicious according to Vastu.

3. Mirror can be placed in the North-East direction.

4. Installing geysers and other electronic devices like heaters, switchboards, etc. in the bathroom in the southeast corner is considered good according to Vastu.

5. The toilet should have a small ventilated window in the east, west, or north direction. Keep in mind that the window in the toilet should not be in the south direction, otherwise health may remain bad.

6. For this, give preference to light colors like the white, sky, light blue. Never use black and red in the bathroom and toilet.

7. Never use dark colors in the bathroom and toilet, because insects and dangerous animals can never be seen well in dark colors.

8. According to Vastu, the color of the bucket in the bathroom is considered to be blue because blue symbolizes happiness and luck.

9. Keep in mind that always keep clean and clean water in the bucket.

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