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Vastu tips: Keeps things in your house to bring Prosperity and Happiness, know rules for placing them.

my jyotish expert Updated 01 Jul 2021 01:18 PM IST
vastu 2021
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Do you also want you and your family to stay away from all kinds of adversities in life? May there always be happiness, prosperity and happiness in the family. There should always be positive energy in the house. So according to the Chinese belief Fengshui, just keeping an idol of Laughing Buddha in the house will definitely increase prosperity, success, happiness and good fortune. Just like how Kuber is considered a symbol of increase in wealth in Hinduism. Similarly, Laughing Buddha increases wealth. Often people keep this idol in their homes and shops.Keeping the statue of Laughing Buddha eliminates negativity and increases positivity. This Laughing Buddha statue does not allow any calamity to enter the house.

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Take a special care of these things -
  • Wherever you keep the statue of Laughing Buddha at home or office, make sure to keep in mind that his height should always be equal to the level of your eyes so that as you enter the home, you can have a direct eye on him.
  • The idol should not be kept at a high height or even on the ground.
  • Do not keep it directly in front of the main door.
  • It would be better to put it at a height of about thirty feet from the door.
  • You have a good income and there is a good flow of money in the house but you are not able to accumulate anything, then in such a situation, keep the idol of Laughing Buddha carrying a bundle of money in the house. Money will start accumulating in few days.
  • Keeping the idol of Laughing Buddha in the house with a bundle of money can give you financial benefits. If it is placed in the south-east direction of the house, then the positive energy of this direction increases, which attracts wealth and happiness. The income of people living in the house increases.
  • Are you not getting a fruitful result of your hard work? Then bring the statue of Laughing Buddha to the house with Kamandal (an oblong water pot) in both hands.
  • If you want a healthy and disease-free body, then keep a statue of Laughing Buddha with Wo-Lu. It should be kept near the pillow of the sick person.
  • Childless couple should give proper place to a Laughing Buddha statue which is surrounded by children.
  • In Vastu, the east direction of the house is said to be the place of family luck, happiness and peace. To increase mutual love and harmony among the members of the house, keep this idol of Laughing Buddha with both of his hands raised in the east direction. Apart from this, an idol of Laughing Buddha with meditation posture can also be placed in the house. With its effect, there will be peace and peace in your life and the atmosphere of the house will also be very good.
  • If your decision making ability is weak in life, then keep a statue of Laughing Buddha made of metal in your home or office.

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