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Vastu Tips : Know 7 Things Related To Earthen Pot And How It Can Bring Happiness

my Jyotish Expert Updated 30 Sep 2021 09:59 AM IST
Vastu for earthen pot
Vastu for earthen pot - Photo : google
In old days, people used to keep earthen/clay pots or mitti ka ghada for drinking water as it kept the water cool and fresh. Drinking water from it is believed to have several health benefits as it has cooling properties, it also makes the water alkaline which is really healthy for humans. It also purifies water, boosts our metabolism and soothes one's throat. So no doubt how wonderful and beneficial drinking water from it is.  But with changing times, people have replaced the earthen pots with more scientifically designed water filters and have started keeping water in water bottles and then there are also people who drink water only after cooling them in refrigerators. As per Vastu, people should keep clay or earthen pots in their houses for the purpose of drinking water. It will not only provide that, but also bring happiness and reduce tension. It is also believed that many problems that surround your family vanish on its own once you start keeping the clay pot. But you must have seen people using clay pots even today in villages to keep drinking water. As per Vastu it is also believed that those houses in which clay or earthen pots are always filled with water never have to face any economical challenge and that their house will be full of prosperity.

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  • If somehow you can’t find a “Surhaayi” then it is also advisable to keep a smaller clay pot, but the main caution should be that it is always filled with water and should never be kept empty.
  • Always keep such an earthen pot that it is immediately filled with water and never scarce of it.
  • As per Vastu, it is advised that keeping it in the northern direction is favourable as the north direction is believed to be the direction where God of water resides.
  • Any family member who is having stress or is not at mental peace should water plants from the earthen pots as it is said that doing so can ease stress and bring more mental peace.
  • It is also believed that keeping idols of Gods made of clay can solve money related problems and also help people to become economically stronger and stable.
  • If you are struggling with your finances and you are unable to manage your budget then lighting an earthen lamp can prove to be very fruitful in front of the clay pot.
  • Keeping decorative items or small clay pots for show and display is said to bring more love and peace between family members.

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