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Vidur Niti: Every person should give up these 3 things, read what Vidur Niti says

my Jyotish Expert Updated 09 Oct 2021 08:33 PM IST
vidur niti
vidur niti - Photo : google
Vidur Maharaj was the general secretary of Dhritarashtra. The name of Mahatma Vidur also comes from the scholars of the Mahabharata period. Vidur Ji has mentioned many policies that make life easy in his treatise Vidur Niti. Vidur Maharaj's policies are relevant even today. In Vidur Niti, there is a dialogue between Maharaja Dhritarashtra and Vidur Ji about the outcome of the war before the Mahabharata war. In a policy, Vidur Ji has told about the measures by which the whole world can be conquered. Read today's Vidur Niti

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Trividham Narkasyedam Dwaram Nashanmatman:.
Work: Krodhastatha lobhastasmadettrayam tyajeta.
That is, according to Vidura Niti, lust, anger and greed, three destroy the soul. In such a situation, these three things should be discarded.
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Vidur Ji had told Maharaja Dhritarashtra that if a person's mind comes to lust, anger, and greed, then he cannot get peace. In such a situation, the person does not get satisfaction and he is not able to remain happy. These three feelings of a person disturb him, due to which he is not able to do any work properly.
It is said that sex drive leads a person to downfall. Apart from the life partner, a person should not have sex with anyone. Along with this, you should also try to control your work spirit.
It is natural to get angry, but excessive anger is not good for health either. For those who get angry in talk, their ability to think and understand may be reduced. Sometimes decisions taken in anger only harm you. Therefore one should not get angry.
Greed leads a person to the path of unrighteousness. The path of unrighteousness causes the downfall of a person. In such a situation, many times a person harms himself out of greed.

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