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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Want to know why Modak is dear to Lord Ganapati,let's find out here

Want to know why Modak is dear to Lord Ganapati, lets find out here

My Jyotish Expert Updated 10 Sep 2021 10:09 AM IST
Ganapati and Modak
Ganapati and Modak - Photo : Google
The Hindu calendar is currently in the month of Bhadrapada. This month, people look forward to the Ganesh festival. This festival begins on the Chaturthi Tithi of the Shukla Paksha of the Bhadrapada month and lasts until Anant Chaturdashi. During this time, Lord Ganesha devotees bring his idol to the house with grace and elegance. They serve Ganapati, offer dry fruits, sweets, and their favourite bhog after establishing them.

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This year's Ganesh Utsav will begin on September 10th and will last until September 19th. On this day, people bring Ganapati to their homes for 5, 7, or 9 days. In Maharashtra, the Ganesh festival is the most widely observed. Modak is undoubtedly offered to Ganapati by the locals. Modak is a coconut and ghee-based dessert. Modak is said to be very dear to Ganapati. Discover the reason for this belief.

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The first story
Many stories circulate about Ganesh Ji's attachment to Modak. According to the first narrative, Lord Shiva was sleeping, and Ganesh Ji was standing guard the door. Ganesh Ji stopped Lord Parashuram when he arrived there. Parashurama became agitated and began fighting with Ganesha. When Parashurama started to lose ground, he attacked Ganesh Ji with the parashu given to him by Shiva. Ganesh Ji's tooth was broken as a result of this. He was in a lot of pain as a result of his broken teeth, and he had difficulty eating and drinking. Modaks, which are very soft, was then prepared for them. He was ecstatic after filling his stomach with modak. Ganapati's favourite dish since then has been modak. Ganapati is said to be delighted with whoever offers him modak.

This is also acknowledged:
Another Modak legend is that of Ganesha and Mata Anusuiya. Ganapati is said to have visited Anusuiya's home with Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. All three Ganapati, Lord Shiva, and Mother Parvati were starving at the time. Mother Anusuiya suggested that I feed Ganesh Ji first, followed by Mahadev and Mata Parvati. When Mata Anusuiya began feeding Ganapati, he ate for a long time. But his hunger was not going away just because he was pacified. Then Mother Anusuiya reasoned that feeding her something sweet might satisfy her hunger. In such a case, Mother Anusuiya brought Ganapati a piece of sweet. Ganesh Ji's stomach was packed as soon as he ate it, and he burped loudly. Bholenath burped loudly 21 times and said his stomach was filled at the same time. Later, Goddess Parvati inquired of Anusriya about the name of that sweet. So Mata Anusuiya explained that it is known as Modak. Since then, modak has been considered Ganapati's favourite dish, and the tradition of offering modak to Lord Ganesha has begun. It is also believed by some people that if Lord Ganesha is offered 21 modaks, all the gods will be filled with them. The blessings of Ganapati and all other deities are obtained as a result of this.

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