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10 ways to please Goddess Lakshmi which could make your fortune shine

My Jyotish Expert Updated 28 Oct 2021 12:46 PM IST
10 ways to please Goddess Lakshmi which could make your fortune shine
10 ways to please Goddess Lakshmi which could make your fortune shine - Photo : Google
Every person wants to be financially strong in his life. He wants to make good money and fulfill all the needs of himself and his family and give them happiness. In today's difficult times, it is not easy to lead a good life without becoming financially prosperous. Many people work hard to overcome their poverty, but in spite of this they are not able to earn well. They often say that Lakshmi Mata has become angry with us.

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The great festival of Deepawali is celebrated to please Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. This is the best opportunity when you can get the blessings of wealth prosperity throughout the whole year by making Lakshmi Mata happy. The festival of Diwali is a festival of happiness. Mahalakshmi is specially worshiped in this festival of light. People worship Goddess Lakshmi by lighting their homes with lamps. On this day, along with worshiping Lakshmi, people take many measures, being pleased with which the mother showers prosperity and happiness on them. On the day of the festival of Deepawali, everyone does worship but not everyone gets financial prosperity. If you want to get wealth and become prosperous by pleasing Maa Lakshmi, then adopt these 10 measures on the day of Diwali. With this Mahalakshmi will make you rich.
Remedy 1. Thorough cleaning of the house is of special importance on the day of Dhanteras. To please Goddess Lakshmi, it is necessary to clean every corner of the house. Clean the house only in the morning of Dhanteras, by doing this positive energy remains in the house. It is necessary to clean the north direction of the house, by doing this the place of Goddess Lakshmi remains in the house.
Remedy 2. On the day of Dhanteras, 2 days before the worship of Mahalakshmi, write 'Om' on the main door with a round made by grinding turmeric and rice. At the same time, make Lakshmi Mata's feet also, by doing this one gets wealth.
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Remedy 3. After worshiping Mahalakshmi, blow conch shell, bell and dholak in all the rooms of the house. By doing this, Goddess Lakshmi is pleased and wealth and wealth increase.
Remedy 4. During the worship of Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali, chant the maha-mantra of Mahalakshmi 'Om Shree Hreem Shree Kamale Kamallaye Prasid Prasid Shree Hreem Shree Om Mahalakshmayai Namah' at least 108 times with a lotus garland. This makes Lakshmi Maa happy.
Remedy 5. Light a lamp in the main places of the house on the day of Diwali. Light the vault, tap, door of the house, kitchen and bhandare with a lamp in the house. Always light a lamp at the place where you keep your vehicle. You can also light a lamp in the surrounding temples. Due to this, the grace of Maa Lakshmi remains throughout the year.
Remedy 6. On the day of Diwali, poor and needy people should be helped by giving them clothes, sweets, money and other necessary things. By doing this, Goddess Lakshmi is pleased and there is an increase in wealth.

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Remedy 7. While worshiping Mahalakshmi in Deepawali, garland of lotus garland and lotus flowers should be offered. Along with this, sugarcane should also be worshiped during the worship. It is considered auspicious and remains blessed by Maa Lakshmi.
Remedy 8. Use a big lamp on the day of Mahalaxmi's aarti. In which add ghee and light 9 lights and save it from getting extinguished overnight. By doing this, the grace of Mother Lakshmi will remain on you.
Remedy 9. During Diwali, make up of Mahalakshmi in a very beautiful way. Lotus and rose flowers must be used while doing makeup. The mother is very pleased with the aroma of these flowers.
Remedy 10. On the day of Choti Deepawali, tie red sandalwood, rose flowers, roli in a cloth and keep it in the vault or cupboard. This will keep wealth and prosperity in your house.

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