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Wear this garland to please Goddess Laxmi and seek her blessings

My Jyotish Expert Updated 11 Sep 2021 08:15 PM IST
Goddess lakshmi
Goddess lakshmi - Photo : Google

Well! Who does not want to become rich? We all work full day just to earn money and fulfill our wishes. Money is needed for our survival, it is a necessity now. Of Course, everyone wants to and with the blessings of Goddess Laxmi, wealth is more likely to shower on you, in terms of fame, money, power, etc. She is believed to relieve all her devotees from all sufferings related to wealth. 

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Read on to know about a garland that will please goddess Lakshmi.

  •   Goddess Lakshmi's favorite gemstone is Sphatik. It is transparent and it is believed that wearing this welcomes happiness and comfort in one's life.
  •   It is believed offering this garland on Friday to goddess Lakshmi brings prosperity to the house.
  •   Chanting any Siddha mantra of Mata Laxmi 108 times fulfills your materialistic wishes.
  •   According to Astrology, wearing this garland on Friday brings new job opportunities. There is progress in business as well as in the job sector.
  •   Any stalled tasks are more likely to get completed after wearing this garland.
  •   To overcome financial crises, wear this gemstone as a garland or a ring on Wednesday or Friday.
  •   Keep this in mind to first purify the gemstone with Ganga water. Keep it near goddess Lakshmi, chant Om Shri Lakshmaye Namah, and light a Diya      near it.         
  •   Later, wear this as a garland or ring.
  •  Wearing a Rhinestone garland brings peace to your home and prevents fights. It enhances and strengthens your relationships.
  •  To increase the property cost or income of family members, keeping the stone in a locker in the south direction is beneficial. Keep in mind that the   door of the 
  •  The locker should always open in the north direction.
  •  Worshipping rhinestones in front of Goddess Laxmi at your office or shop or factory increases sales and also eradicates poverty. Rhinestone also provides mental peace.

Following these tips will please goddess Lakshmi and shower blessings. Yet, we strongly believe that one's skills, knowledge, and experience also helps one to become successful.


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