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Know why Goddess Kali is worshipped on Diwali

My Jyotish Expert Updated 02 Nov 2021 11:12 AM IST
maa kali
maa kali - Photo : Google
Maa Kali is worshiped on Diwali in some states including West Bengal.

Kali Puja: On the day of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi and the first adorable Lord Ganesha are worshiped across the country. However, in West Bengal (also in Orissa and Assam) Goddess Kali is worshiped on the day of Diwali. In Bengali tradition, Diwali is addressed as Kali Puja. According to religious belief, there is an interesting story about the worship of Maa Kali. It is believed that Maa Kali appeared on this day along with 64 thousand Yoginis. And he killed many demons including Rakta Beej. In West Bengal, some Shakta people also call this holy worship as Shakti Puja.

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Kali Puja:  When Diwali is celebrated all over the country on the night of Amavasya of Kartik month, in West Bengal (also in Orissa and Assam) Kali Puja takes place on this day. In Bengali tradition, Diwali is also addressed as Kali Puja. Similarly, this sacred worship has special significance in the social traditions of Orissa and Assam. It is believed that on this day Maa Kali appeared with 64,000 (sixty four thousand) Yoginis and killed many demons and wicked including Raktabeej. It is believed that by worshiping Maa Kali at midnight, the troubles, sorrows and pains of human life end, enemies are destroyed and happiness and prosperity start coming in life.

Interesting story behind recognition
Once upon a time, the atrocities of the demons like Chand-Munda and Shumbha-Nishumbha etc. had increased a lot. He started fighting with the gods to take control over Indraloka. All the gods reached Lord Shiva and prayed to him to protect the demons. Lord Shiva manifested Amba, a form of Mother Parvati, who is worshiped as Jagajjanani. To kill these demons, Mother Amba took the terrible form of Maa Kali and killed all the demons who oppressed her. Then a very powerful demon Raktabeej arrived there. The specialty of Raktabeej was that as soon as a drop of his blood fell on the ground, a new demon was born from that blood, hence he was called Raktabeej.

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Maa Kali took out her tongue and struck Raktabeej with her sword and before his blood fell on the ground, she started drinking it. When the blood of Raktabeej does not fall on the ground, then from where will a new monster be born? In this way Raktabeej was killed but the anger of Mother Kali did not subside. They were in the trend of destruction. It seemed that Maa Kali would now destroy the entire creation. When Lord Shiva realized this, he quietly lay down in the path of Mother Kali.
Maa Kali is a part of Lord Shiva, that is why she is also called Ardhanarishvara. He is also called Anant Shiva because no one can fathom him. Mother Kali was shocked as soon as she fell on Anant Shiva's chest because she saw that this is the real Lord Shiva. His anger ended immediately and he blessed all the living beings of the world, that is why on the day of Kartik Amavasya, the law of worship was duly worshiped by all the sorrowful, always protective, Sukhadatri Jaganmata Kali.

In West Bengal, some Shakta people also call this holy worship as Shakti Puja. On the same day at midnight, tantriks also do special worship of Maa Kali in the crematorium. They get special accomplishment on this day. A monolithic lamp keeps burning in front of Maa Kali. Those who are suffering from enemies, cases and lack of money, and want peace in life, they also chant Maa Kali by staying awake all night on this day. A new idol of Maa Kali is established for Kali Puja and Some learned pundits get him worshiped with pure mantras and rituals. The next day the idol is immersed in a river or pond.
There is also a belief that the idol of Maa Kali should not be kept in your house because there are some laws of idol worship, which are harmed if they are not fulfilled. Yes, photos can be placed. Generally in West Bengal and other parts of the country, people keep only the photo of Maa Kali in the house, not the idol. Idols are installed only in temples where they are duly worshipped.
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These are the ten Mahavidyas
The place of Mother Kali comes under the worship of ten Mahavidyas. These ten goddesses of Mahavidya are- Mother Kali, Mother Tara, Mother Bhuvaneshwari, Mother Baglamukhi, Mother Kamala, Mother Chhinmasta, Mother Tripura Sundari, Mother Tripura Sundari, Mother Bhairavi, Mother Matangi and Mother Dhumavati. There are many people in West Bengal who practice the ten Mahavidyas. Their specialty is that they do not discuss their spiritual practice. Yes, two sadhaks discuss among themselves, but such sadhaks do not allow any other person to know about it because they believe that it destroys the purity of sadhna, so it should be kept secret.

Maa Kali's place is first in this. The worship of the ten Mahavidyas is also related to the awakening of the seven chakras located in our spinal cord – Mooladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara. Some people also write, read and speak "Dus Mahavidya" as "Dus Mahavidya". When Kundalini is awakened from Muladhara during the sadhana of the ten Mahavidyas, it reaches Sahasrara, opening all the chakras in due time.
The awakening of Kundalini is the union of Mother Kali located in Muladhara with Lord Shiva located in Sahasrar. One who completes this sadhna gets all the siddhis, but the seekers are cautioned not to pay too much attention to the siddhis, otherwise they may deviate from the path. If you ever want to use siddhis, then they should be done only for the welfare of human beings. In the ten Mahavidyas, the mantras of all the goddesses are different, they are known as Panchadasakshari and Shodasakshari mantras.
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Adi Shankaracharya was also a great expert in Tantra

In the hundred verses of his book - "Saundarya Lahiri", he has threaded the mantras of ten Mahavidyas in such a way that only the knowledgeable of this knowledge can catch it. 108 hibiscus flowers to Maa Kali (in Bengal it is called Jawa Phool)
It is said that the garland is worn with full devotion. Those who have fear about something in their mind and that fear is not coming out, they are advised to worship Maa Kali. In this context, it is said that seeing the form of Maa Kali, one should not be afraid because she has taken this form to drive away the demon named "Dar" (fear). That is why seeing the form of Maa Kali, one should not be afraid but love.
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