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Why do we take out 5 Portions from the bhog prepared during Shardh, read to know

My Jyotish Expert Updated 04 Oct 2021 01:11 PM IST
Pitru Paksha 2021
Pitru Paksha 2021 - Photo : Google
Why 5 parts are taken out during Shradh?
In our country, ancestors have their own importance and Shradh is done to dedicate them. Every year a total of 16 days from the full moon of Bhadrapada month to the new moon of Ashwin month are dedicated to the ancestors. And this period of 16 days is called Pitru Paksha or Shradh Paksha. There is a belief behind this that at this time the ancestors come to the earth to meet their descendants. And there is also a justification for this Shradh that we should remember our ancestors and not forget the work done by them.

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The ancestors get their blessings on feeding them during Shradh Paksha and their blessings are considered first for good deeds. In such a situation, it becomes the duty of the descendants to perform Shradh and tarpan every year for their ancestors or ancestors. And offer them the food of Shraddha. It is believed that on the day of Shradh, the first part of the food is taken out for the dog, song, deity, someone and ant before feeding the Brahmin. And these are known as Panchbali. So today we will know what is the importance of this Panchabali and why food is taken out first for these people.
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  • Kukkarbali
A part of the food for Shradh is also taken out for the dog. Because dog is considered to be the animal of Yamraj and Yamraj is considered to be the god of death. Yamraj is pleased if a man takes out a portion for a dog. It is also called by the name of Kukkarbali. The Shiv Mahapuran is Khesari, it is believed that if you are giving food to a dog, "who follows the path of Yamraj, I am giving this portion of food to both the dogs named Shyam and Shabal." Must speak 
  • Kakbali
The portion taken out for the crow from the food of Shradh is called Kakabali. And part of the food is taken out and kept on the roof of the house. Because the crow is said to be the symbol of Yamraj, which indicates auspicious and inauspicious. And it is believed that they get satisfaction by taking out a share for the crow. and bless his descendants.
  • Gobli
On the day of Shradh, only a portion of the food for the cow is taken out towards the west. Cow is considered as a holy mother in our scriptures. And in the song, 33 categories of deities are believed to be abode. That is why by feeding the cow, all the deities get satisfaction. And it is a belief that after the death of a person, it is the cow that gets him to cross the terrible Vaitarni river that comes in the middle of Yamalok. For this reason, a part is taken out for the cow.
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  • Devadibili
The food of Shradh, a part of Pancha Bali is also taken out for the deities. Where does Devadibili go? And this part is dedicated to the fire and by offering it in the fire, this food reaches the deities. And in order to light the fire, face towards the east direction, after burning cow dung cakes, five morsels of food with pure ghee should be put in it.
  • Pipilika Dibli
In the food of Shradh, this part of Panchabali is taken out for ant and other insects. They get satisfied by eating it.Only after removing all these five parts the Brahmin is fed food. And by performing Shradh, the ancestors get satisfaction. And he is pleased and blessed.

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