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If You Wish To Become A Singer, Look For These Signs In Your Horoscope

My Jyotish Expert Updated 20 Sep 2021 05:56 PM IST
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Everyone is gifted with some talent or another, and many want to monetize their talent by using it in the most effective manner. If one knows from the beginning whether the talent they possess can prove to be fruitful, then they would like to follow that path for sure. Singing is one talent or passion for many that helps people to ladder up and achieve great success. Today, we see quite a number of singing shows that search for such talents and help them to achieve their deep desire to be a singer. These shows are the platform that makes it easier for budding singers to get into the limelight. How wonderful and easier it would be to follow the path of singing if one already knows from the beginning that they can be successful in the field of music! Let's know which are the Planets that help you make a successful career out of singing, which places in our birth chart can suggest we can become an excellent singer.


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In the birth chart of a person, if the ascendant is in the second house which is of speech, and the third house which is voice then it suggests that they can be fortunate if they wish to be a singer. The planet Venus too contributes in making people successful in the field of music. It is believed that Jupiter and Venus are auspicious for classical music, whereas Moon is favorable if present in the house as it paves the way for success.

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 The second house of the ascendant is for the sense of speech and the third is for voice as mentioned above. If both the houses are not faultless, the voice and tone of the person would not be melodious. Ascendant represents oneself, hence the house should be without any faults. If you are born in Taurus ascendant or Libra ascendant, then the lord of the house will be Venus and if Taurus ascendant is in the second house then Mercury will be the lord of that house and Moon will be the lord of the third house. When Venus is positioned in Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces or when it is in Scorpio ascendant, then success will be surely achieved in the field of music.
When Venus is positioned in the fourth house, then it gives remarkable influence in making one successful. Libra is also a zodiac sign that is highly dominated by Venus whereas if Mars is positioned in the second house along with Scorpio and third house by Jupiter then the voice tends to be very melodious. Mars, Mercury, and Venus should be positioned in Aries for favorable situations. Mercury, Moon and Sun should be auspicious in Gemini ascendant. Moon, Sun and Mercury in Cancer ascendant. Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo ascendant, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Scorpio ascendant, Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius ascendant, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn ascendant, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars should be auspicious in Aquarius ascendant, Jupiter, Mars and Venus should be auspicious in Pisces ascendant, then one can expect an excellent career in the field of music. 

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