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Worshiping Parad Shivalinga will bring all the happiness

My Jyotish Expert Updated 15 Sep 2021 09:56 AM IST
parad shivling
parad shivling - Photo : google
Mercury is a natural strong energy-providing chemical element. It is also called the form of Lord Shiva. This is said that the Shivalinga made up of Mercury is best among all the Shivalinga. It is believed that worshiping it will fulfill all your wishes. Mercury is in a liquid form but it is solidified by gold, copper, metals, and herbs. According to the Vedic texts, Mercury is called the destroyer of all the hatred and disorder of the world. To get all kinds of worldly pleasures, people worship Parad Shivaling.

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Lack of confidence:

If you have a lack of confidence and you hesitate to express yourself openly in public and if people call you a coward, then you must worship Parad Shivalinga regularly. This gives strength to your personality and also increases your ability of thinking. It is said that you will get the ability to impress thousands of people with your voice.

To attain Goddess Lakshmi:
If you worship Parad Shivalinga on the day of Pradosh it will help you to resolve all your financial problems. It is also said that the Shivalinga of Parad is specially worshiped for the attainment of Goddess Lakshmi. Anoint the Parad Shivalinga with Shiva Mahima Stotra and perform shadashopachar. worshiping everyday of Parad Shivalinga your financial situation starts getting better.
Worshiping Ganesh and Lakshmi which is made up of mercury, a person can become the owner of good wealth. It will help you to get gold with accomplishment and intelligence.

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Parad and Rudraksha beads:
To attain position, prestige and respect the combination of Parad and Rudraksh beads are more effective. it is believed that wearing parad and rudraksh garland there is no fear of uncertain death. one should get position, prestige and respect by wearing the garland of parad and rudraksha.

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