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Yearly Predictions 2021

Taara Malhotra Updated 30 Nov 2020 01:36 PM IST
Horoscope 2021
Horoscope 2021 - Photo : Google
ARIES 2021 Horoscope ARIES Predictions 2021, ARIANS will have lot of success in the 2021 year. The year will be full of enthusiasm, creativity and opportunities. Employment will be very favorable & they will be favoured by good luck & they will have good career in the coming year. They will also take very important decision in 2021 they will have a stress free time. Business can be little slow and they might have to work little harder ..
Financially, they will have mix results some months will be very favourable for them and some months will be very low in terms of finances. They might need to spend money on their health, so they have to be very conscious about their health in coming time . For students, it can be little fluctuating year because they will like to explore travelling, they will like to spend time with their friends, so focus for students might deviate from studies. But at the end of the year it will be very good for students because they will succeed in their exams and there will be success for them. 2021 ARIES have to work really hard as compared to the last year. There are chances that they may look for a job change or change in their work life also. If they are married, there can be some issues with the spouse. Time will be good for people in love and they can tie knot with their beloved ones. Aries will have success in jobs and in relationships both. This is the time in which they can also get rid of long chronic diseases.

ARIES Remedies
  • They should offer Arghya to the Lord sun daily and pray for success.
  • They can wear Coral to avoid health issues or blood related disorders.
TAURUS 2021 Horoscope
TAURUS Predictions 2021, the coming year will bring lot changes and transformation for Taurians. They will get professional success and they will get fruit for their hard work. They can also look for job change which will be very favourable for them. Job change, or new place, or a new location will prove very fruitful.  People who are unemployed they will also get job in the coming year that is 2021 they will get the success . Financially this year will bring lot of changes for them and they will be blessed with a sudden increase in their income, but as the income will increase, the expenses will also increase. Students are advised to study and focus on their studies. Family life in the beginning of the year can be stressful but as the year will proceed, there will be balance in the family life and issues will slowly go away. Good year to look for marriage alliances and tie knot.. Compatibility  between the partners will improve in the coming year. But health can be a matter of concern in 2021, so you have to take care of your health.

TAURUS Remedies :
  • Every Friday donate white sweets to poor people, to attract good luck
  • Feed flour to ants
  • Give fodder to cows

GEMINI 2021 Horoscope
GEMINI Predictions 2021, there will be lot of success in the coming year for the GEMINIS in terms of career and the business. Career will take a new shape, there can be up’s and down’s  in the career but then you will be able to handle them and achieve success at your workplace, luck is also favoring. The GEMINI’s from the second quarter of the year are advised not to get into any kind of partnership which can affect their financial life & there can be losses. They have to consistently work hard in the coming year to avoid financial worries and mental stress. Good time for the students from the third quarter onwards and they will get the good results in their exams. Family life will be happy and there will be balanced family life which will be good for both the partners. But in the mid year, there can be some strife between the married couples but eventually it will subside. Health can be affected in the year so you have to take care of your health.

GEMININ Remedies :
  • You can offer green clothes or green objects to women on Wednesday
  • They can wear emerald in the ring finger
CANCER 2021 Horoscope
CANCER Predictions 2021, for people who are into business they will incur financial profits and gains for them which will give them lot of success but people who are into the job they will have the mix results and they have to work really hard to achieve success at workplace. They have to be very careful about their health also,  there can be lot of financial expenditure because of poor health. Students will get the good results in 2021 and they will do better, luck will favor them, they will concentrate of their studies and focus on their goals. Family life will be little disturbed in 2021 as there can be disputes between you and your spouse though both of partners will be loyal but then there can be some clashes because of different opinions. In matter of love 2021, will be the good year for those people who want to tie knot. Loyalty and trust will improve & so will the strength of relationship.

CANCER Remedies :
  • Offer AKSHAT to Lord Shiva on every Monday
  • Every Tuesday visit Hanuman temple and offer orange sindoor

LEO 2021 Horoscope
LEO Predictions 2021, for people into business there will be ups and downs, they have to be careful as there can be financial imbalance which can lead to crises so they have to manage their finances properly and save money as much as possible. Those in job will do favorably well, there will get success and luck will also favour them but they have to avoid getting into any sorts of arguments with coworkers . Students will do well in their studies, but they can be distractions as well so they have to be careful be focused & disciplined. If they want to travel aboard and they are thinking of giving exams they have to be little more hard working. Married life, there can be arguments with the spouses, which can lead to troubles so be very conscious by not creating any havoc . Health can be a matter of concern in the 2021 so you have to pay attention to your health especially spine and blood related issues.

LEO Remedies :
  • Donate food to  poor people on Thursday
  • They can wear Ruby on Sunday

VIRGO 2021 Horoscope
VIRGO Predictions 2021, coming year will be very favourable for VIRGO’s there can be significant and major changes in their lives. As far as business is concerned that be can be slightly unfavorable so they have to very careful while making any financial decisions, career wise also there can be up’s and down’s but then after the mid year career will take us deep success. Students have to be very focused specially who want to travel aboard. There can be extra hard work needed so that their efforts are fruitful. Married life also there can be some troubles with the spouses because of misunderstandings . In love life there will be a major success if & you may even decide to get married to love of your life. Health is good and favourable for VIRGOs and they will be very enthusiastic , active and they will make efforts to improve their life.

VIRGO Remedies :
  • Recite Shri Suktam and Durga Chalisa on Friday
  • Keep a square piece of silver with you.

LIBRA 2021 Horoscope
LIBRA Predictions 2021, this year will mark commendable change in the life of LIBRANS and they will become better in their work, in career and in studies as well as with loved ones . So this year career will remain good they will be lucky in their careers .Career will show promotion, success but they have to stay away from the partnership if they are in business. They will be investing money which will give them long term benefits in terms of finances. Children will perform well in the studies and the family will also support them in case they wish to travel.  There can be disputes with the partners. Married life will not very favorable for LIBRANS but if you are in relationship you will enjoy a great time with their loved ones and can even tie knot this year. Health will be a matter of concern this year, there can be stress related issues which can affect your mind so you have to take good care of yourself.

LIBRA Remedies :
  • Offer fodder to cows everyday
  • They can also set free a pairs of birds for good luck to favour them
SCORPIO 2021 Horoscope
SCORPIO Predictions 2021, there will lot of changes & challenges for SCORPIANS. There will up’s and down’s in their career and even after hard work they will not able to perform 100% at their work place. There can be setbacks and they will not be able to enjoy the fruits of the hard work. They have to avoid any kind of arguments at work place. Business will increase but at the same time business expenses will also increases and they have to be very careful while making investments. For students, it is very favourable year and hard work will give results though there can be some distractions and they might have to take help of their parents or there seniors to sort out the issues and distractions but at the end of the year, they will be able to perform positively in their studies. In case you are married, there can be issues and fights with the spouses which can affect the health of the spouse so you have to be careful at the same time, If you are in a relationship, your loved ones you have to wait till the last quarter to get married .

SCORPIO Remedies :
  • Wear a pearl, gems stone in neck
  • Apply saffron on your forehead everyday

SAGITTARIUS 2021 Horoscope
SAGITTARIUS Predictions 2021, SAGITTARIANS are very straight forward, sincere , optimistic, charming and energetic. So this year they will be getting very favorable results in their work place with the seniors and co workers. In business also there are very lucky and they will get the success as expected. The more hard work they put in the more favourable their financial positions will become and they will take all the decisions with extreme care and cautions so hence they will be able to save money. They can buy vehicle or house also this year. So this year will be beneficial for SAGITTARIANS. Students will also do well in terms of education and there will remain focused throughout the year, they will be able to achieve the goals Married couples, relationships will improve but the health of one of the spouse can decline so you have to be careful. Health seems favourable in 2021 they will have to maintain good eating habits and take care of health.

  • Offer Chana dal to banana tree every Thursday
  • Every Saturday, light a  mustard oil diya under a peepal tree

CAPRICORN 2021 Horoscope
CAPRICORN Predictions 2021, it will be very favourable and lucky year for CAPRICORNS. After the second quarter, they will gain the success in their jobs as well as business. They have to refrain from any kind of partnerships. Investments will prove very fruitful, there will be expenses but they will earn good equally. It is a good time for students and as they will get fruits for their hard work and they will do well in there exams. If they wish to travel it is favourable time for them to achieve their goals. Married couples may face some issues in the first two quarters but gradually misunderstandings or family life will improve after the second quarter. There can be some disputes with your loved ones in case of unmarried couple. Health will be good and they will get rid of diseases and they will be able  to come out of chronic diseases as well.

CAPRICORN Remedies :
  • Offer sugar to poor on Friday
  • Feed fodder to cows on Wednesday

AQUARIUS 2021 Horoscope
AQUARIUS Predictions 2021, career wise AQUARIANS will be very successful in 2021. They will get the promotions, there will be salary hikes, as well as monetary benefits at workplace. The coworkers, superiors and bosses will be very favourable and they will have good luck factor with them in 2021. Business will also flourish in the year. There can be unexpected expenses but at the same time they will be gaining through their financial investments. For students the year will be very favourable they will get the results for their hard work and students who want to travel overseas, they will also be supported by the family. AQUARIANS will remain spontaneous, independent and friendly in 2021. In case of married couples, the spouse will be supportive of each other and the fights will come to an end in the first half of the year. Unmarried couples can take the relationship to the next level and they can get married in 2021. Health will give the mix results there can be some troubles in the health but they have to be very conscious while eating food outside.

AQUARIUS Remedies :
  • Offer water to peepal tree and light a mustard oil diya under Peepal tree every Saturday
  • Offer flour to ants on Saturday

PISCES 2021 Horoscope
PISCES Predictions 2021, PISCES will do really well in their career, they will be awarded or rewarded at their work place and they will get the promotions as well. Business also seems good and they will get lots of profits after the second quarter they have to work little harder to make most of the opportunities work for them. Financials will be good and they will keep constantly investing money to accumulate wealth. Long term investment can be made in 2021. For students it will not be very favourable time as their can be distractions and the situations can become little unfavorable for students. Travelling overseas for study can be postponed. Married couples will have good relations with each other but at the same time because of different opinions there can be several arguments as well. This year they have to take care of their health.

PISCES Remedies :
  • Apply a turmeric tilak everyday
  • They can donate mustard oil on Saturday
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