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Your kitchen decides the Energy of your house - a guide to Vastu complaint Kitchen

Amit Khanna Updated 29 Jun 2021 02:31 PM IST
kitchen vastu tips
kitchen vastu tips - Photo : google
Your Kitchen decides the energy of your house – Pearls of wisdom By Shri Amit Khanna ji-

Your Kitchen and Your Wellbeing:
A kitchen is the fuel station of every living being residing in a house. Just like we pay visits to fuel stations to refill our car tanks similarly, we human beings depend on our kitchen for physical survival. Hence, calling a kitchen – an energy generator would not be wrong, as the energy that our body needs is generated, stored and vibrated from this corner of our house. It is therefore, the most important place of our house that supports our existence.

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Let us understand this with an example- we are all well aware of the fact that Fire in a controlled environment is beneficial. However, the same fire once gone out of control becomes dangerous and hazardous. This fact holds true for both the actual fire and symbolic fire. Just like an actual fire converts the raw food into edible state similarly the symbolic fire invigorates heat in the physical body and desires to your spiritual self for everything in life. Once you lose the symbolic fire it means you loose hope and desire from life it brings you to a cold demeanor but if the same symbolic fire goes out of hand by increasing multifold then it can make the person mentally sick and might lead to loss of dignity, respect and position in society. It is the case similar with real fire as less can keep the food cold and raw however, more can bring destruction.
As per Shri Amit Khanna ji, a world renowned astrologer-To understand the term Vaastu for kitchen it is important to understand them individually and then walk further to explore its amalgamation. Just like its earlier mentioned, the Kitchen is the place where health is cooked, or healthy and nutritious food is cooked which in turn given energy for survival. And Vaastu is an ancient science of balancing energies of a place.

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Now let’s understand its amalgamation- if the food cooked is cooked under positive vibrations, then it will give/ resonate positive energy which will give good health and contentment. But what would happen if the same food started to exuberate negative energy?
As per the Devayah,Since fire is an expression of energy- the kitchen gives off negative energy due to a Vaastu defect. This negative energy begins to affect both physically and mentally. The residents residing in the space eating food out of such a kitchen begin to feel negative impacts on body and mind. these negative impacts can vary from frustration to fights that can lead to fatal diseases and separations as well.
Benefits of Vastu Compliant Kitchen
Very often you must have heard and read that the South West direction of the house also known as the Agni corner is the place ideal for kitchen but this partially true. State of the art kitchens as per present day lifestyle changes have black granite tabletops and slabs but this change nullifies the attributes of south east direction. Black being a water element, it acts to por water on fire thus loosing the heat of fire. It extinguishes the fire; this can bring about negative effects. Similarly, a clean kitchen free of clutter and extra equipment or scrapped machines are one of the most important aspects for a positive vibe in the kitchen. As per modern transitions, we millennials keep the dustbin and dispose off waste in the kitchen itself. Nomatter how convenient this is but it’s definitely not compliant with a kitchen because waste or clutter will again bring in negative vibes. So, this is an avoidable aspect.
Another matter-of-fact states that the kitchen not only is used to cook but also is a place where different food items and grains are stored. Now each of these grains represent a particular planet. So, it is actually a whole planetary system that is evident in our kitchen. So, it is of utmost importance to keep these grains and other items in an organized manner to avoid any ill effect of any planet.
As per the Devayah an organization consulting on Astro Vaastu by the great astrologer Shri Amit Khanna ji,Its therefore, extremely important to make the kitchen Vaastu compliant so that it can negate the negative effects and energies, this in turn will bring about positive effects and impactsthat will help in leading a proper, joyous and successful life.

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A kitchen as per Vaastu will not bring around happiness but also ensure financial health of the house bringing around stability and increased cashflows in the house. In the context of Vaastu, the fire element effects the financial stature and cash presence in a house. The kitchen being a representation of fire, thus relates to cash flows in the house. A well designed Vaastu compliant kitchen will promise regular cash flows and financial soundness. It will also ensure debt free environment.
Apart from this, it also ensures happenings of auspicious events. Just like the Hindu mythology calls for the use of fire to begin and complete an event. Be it any festival or celebration a havan and yajna are two common phenomenon that are performed as a part of celebrations. All these include use of fire which has been an age-old ritual that was followed by our Gods and ancestors in the past and the legacy continues. Hence, a balanced Fire zone is an essential element in a household.
A balanced fire zone also attracts physical and mental wellbeing. A part of our body represents the fire element, this is called the Manipura chakra or the solar plexus. The fire center in the body all the nadis or nerves meet. A disturbance in this area leads to a digestive disorder which automatically is the main cause of ill health. So just like a balance fire center helps the body to stay fit and healthy, similarly a balance fire center or the kitchen in a house keeps it residents healthy.
Now, let’s look at the Direction wise effect of the kitchen in a house.
N Having a kitchen in the North zone can bring hurdles in career growth. It will hamper opportunities in all ways. Also, it is possible to that the food cooked in such a kitchen might not appeal to taste buds as it might turn up tasteless.
NNE A kitchen in the North North East zone can bring a negative effect on health of the residents. The residents can fall prey to diseases that are life long and that might require regular medication.
NE A kitchen in the North East direction can cause brain related issues to the residents. It can also cause physiological and psychological problems wherein a person might find difficulty in decision making.
ENE The East North East kitchen can make the residents’ desperate to become easygoing and  carefree. They might only focus on splurging and enjoyment. But at the same time they will find it difficult to enjoy life.
E A kitchen in the East direction of the house brings fairly good results in terms of money and social life. Having a kitchen in the East direction of mandir, gurudwara or any other religious building is considered most fruitful.
ESE The East South East direction is unfavourable to have a kitchen. It leads to constant clashes among family makes the male members vulnerable of diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes and such.
SE The South East is undoubtedly a great place to have a kitchen with a little apprehensions of having a dustbin and unorganized storage of grains. However, it is this area that is most beneficial as it attracts cash flows and payments. Though one must keep in mind that this area might lead to aggression in the residents.
SSE The most ideal zone to have a kitchen is the exact South South East zone. It gives strength, power, confidence and courage to the family members. Food cooked in this area is usually a treat to the taste buds.
S This is also one of the favourable places to have a kitchen in. The South direction kitchen brings fame and recognition to the residents for whatever work they do. They enjoy a relaxed and a comfortable life.
SSW The South South West direction causes various clashes between parent and sons. It also increases expenditure and causes health hazards.
SW The South West located kitchen leads to instability in career and profession as the person might not be able to utilize personal skill set both professionally and personally. This placement might lead to a delayed marriage of children.
WSW The West South West zone effects the savings unfavourably. This area leads to conjunctions and situations wherein results do not match the hard work.
W The West is considered as one of the good areas to have a kitchen. It brings around good health and financial gains to residents.
WNW The West North West located kitchen causes the wife to nag and crib of habits of the husband.
NW The North West kitchen reduces supports of the residents in all walks of life.
NNW The North North West kitchen causes disturbances in personal and intimate relationships between couples.
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