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Aquarius monthly horoscope (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

 This month will be a very good month for the people of Aquarius.  You can earn good money.  Some delay can be expected on the job front and promotion may also be delayed but this month you may get a big project.  The entire weight of your organization is on your shoulders, as this project will be a change or break situation for your organization as well as your career.  Your boss can promise you a promotion in the near future, which can also be definitely fulfilled.  You may feel the need for separation and also that you can become spiritual.  You can expect some emotional issues in your relative's circle.  Stay away from gossip and rumors.  This month, we will focus on our work, health and family and sort our finances.  Students will have to put in extra effort to shine, and there will be little improvement in health.

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