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Aquarius monthly horoscope (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

This month of people of this zodiac, you will spend most of your time with your family members only, which will give more strength in mutual relationships.  All the family members will grow in trust towards each other.  A pilgrimage or visit to a religious place with family members can also be planned.  If one of your brothers or sisters works outside or studies, they will also have to come home.  Overall, this month is very likely to be good for your family life.  People who are employed may be disillusioned with their jobs.  At such a time, their focus will be on saving themselves so that they can use it in future.  Students preparing for the exam will also see new options for themselves which will work for them in the future.  In such a situation, the guidance of a senior will be very useful for you, which will ensure your future.  People waiting for your marriage may come up with a proposal of a good relationship from your aunt's side.  This month will be good for you in terms of health and you will feel more refreshed than before.  If you want to eat outside food, then take only nutritious homemade food this month, otherwise problems related to the stomach can be troubling.

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